EGM, I'm a faithful reader and subscriber, but you disappoint me greatly...

With this list of top 10 overrated games which is just your way of telling us to visit

the top 10 most overrated games
10. Ico
9. Shenmue
8. Banjo-Kazooie
7. Final Fantasy IX
6. NiGHTS: Into Dreams
5. Perfect Dark
4. Donkey Kong 64
3. Killer Instinct
2. Donkey Kong Country

  1. Battle Arena Toshinden

This was in a recent issue of EGM. I personally enjoy every game on this list except for Ico, which I’ve never played, and FFIX, which I was kinda disappointed with. But NiGHTS? KI? DKC and DK64? Perfect Dark? How the flying fuck are these games overrated?

I don’t understand at all how Battle Arena Toshinden gets the number 1 spot. everywhere I’ve lived, I’m the only person who’s even heard of the damn game, let alone played it.

That’s kinda messed up. I really wouldn’t say a lot of those were overrated.

I mean, DKC was amazing, it deserved what praise it got.
DK64 on the other hand was met with lukewarm reviews, and it’s really hard to call something like that overrated when it wasn’t even rated highly in the first place. Talk about beating a dead horse.

And others, especially Perfect Dark and Banjo-Kazooie, really shouldn’t be on there either. I mean, did they just say “Let’s take some popular N64 games and stick them on here!”?

And what’s with Battle Arena Toshinden on there? I’ve never met anyone who’s played it or even heard of it besides myself and my brother.

Shenmue? Overrated? The same game that is more divisive than any other game I know of? The same game that is called either Yu Suzuki’s Masterpiece or Yu Suzuki’s Folly? The same game that can get reviews anywhere from 1/10 to 10/10? That game is overrated? Come on now.

They were referring to games they personally rated highly, and then later looked back and realized that they perhaps gave it too high of a rating. Games that, while fun, weren’t deserving of the perfect, or near perfect, scores that they received. Of that list, I agree with pretty much all of them. I still think a few of the games on that list are incredible (FFIX, NiGHTS, and Ico), but I agree that they don’t deserve perfect, or near perfect, scores. Here’s the more important part of that, list, though; their assessment of “But is it really good?” Observe:

What you didn’t mention was the runners up: Mortal Kombat, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, and Tomb Raider. I think all three of those games rank higher than all of the games on that list aside from BAT. Hell, I’m willing to say that Turok 2 may be one of the worst games ever made, along with Turok: Evolution.

(Sorry, I was a Battle Arena Toshinden fan, too, even had it on my Saturn for a while, but I got a little older, and learned better)

I was so happy the day I finally got a first place finish in the Shenmue forklift race. :slight_smile:

Oh, so they’re just recanting their own “mistakes” then?

(I totally thought I was making up the word “recanting” when I posted this, but then I looked it up, and not only is it a real word, but I actually used it mostly correctly too.)

Final Fantasy IX > Final Fantasy VIII. How they could have gone and ranked it below VIII I don’t know.

Battle Arena Toshinden did have a lot of hype, I’m not that suprized its at the top. But yeah Turok 2 should be on that list.

The DK games were really simple in theory (not easy, just not a lot to them), but were still loads of fun.

Everyone has different tastes. I rate FF9 as the lowest PSX FF. It’s still a good game, but just not as good as the other PSX FFs. However, it’s a thing of personal taste.

This forum is pretty much dedicated to people telling other people their tastes in videogames suck.

Therefore, I whoreheartedly agree with Mengde.

I always think FF9 is probably the most underrated FF in the series. It’s my favorite by far and most people don’t like it as much as they should. >_<

I also think DKC was a really groundbreaking game for its time, at least graphically. Play-wise, it’s an extremely solid offering even today. True, Nintendo hyped it up like crazy, but it was worth the majority of the hype at the time; there wasn’t a single game on the market, even in 32-bit systems, that came close to the detail it had.

I will agree with KI, though. That game was so bloody annoying.

you’re all wrong Super Mario Bros 3 was the last good game in history you all suck cock arrrrghghgashfghs. >:(

Bugger, Self correcting Typo!!!

Pie, SMB3: Which release; GBA or NES or SNES? (Answer on a post card for full name of each game cart, bonus for UK cart codes!!)

I completely agree with Cid on FF9- it really wasn’t given a chance by many people despite the fact that it really was a wonderful game. I greatly prefer it to 7 or 8.

blink blink

Why isn’t FFVII #1?

EGM does shit like this for eyeballs. I really doubt they believe that these games were truely overrated, they’re just the drama queens of print gaming media.

How the fuck is NiGHTS overrated? And DCK? Jesus.

Yeah, whatever the hell you said.

I tend to agree with you (and Cid, and others) about FFIX being the best on the system, but they’re talking about overrated. I guess FFIX wasn’t exactly “revolutionary,” like so many people consider FFVII to be.

And I do think DKC was overrated. I thought it then, too. It’s a mediocre platformer that’s only real “amazing” quality was that it featured polygon based characters. I didn’t like polygons then, I don’t like them now.

banjo kazooie is intense.

I gave it a chance, twice. And I still hate it to this day.