EGM, I'm a faithful reader and subscriber, but you disappoint me greatly...

Yes, it is indeed.

And I agree with Cid on the IX thing, it was a wonderful game. It just didn’t get enough hype as their predecessors, so the lack of moronic fans screaming about Seph’s sword or Squall’s attitude had the effect of making some people believe it wasn’t as good as the rest.

Rather ironically, I have an issue of EGM that has the top 100 games of all time. Both Perfect Dark and FF9 are on it. FF9 is the highest on the chart of the PS ones (except for FFT). FF7 was in the low nineties and FF8 wasn’t on it at all.

The only thing overrated about FF9 is Zidane. He’s supposed to be a thief, but does his steal ability ever, EVER work? NO! >:O

I heard somewhere that how successful Zidane’s stealing was was dependent on how often you had him steal, so just stealing, say, potion from random enemies was important to get the good stuff.

Is this true, or am I confused with his highest-rank non-trance special ability, thievery (which deals damage, based off how much you have had him steal).

You’re confused, sorry. The only way to increase the theft success rate is to equip the Bandit and Master Thief Support Abilities. Each successful theft makes Thievery increase it’s power by 14 – 15 points (So you better start stealing from the very beginning).

Zidane was a weird mix between Thief, Bard, Ninja, Samurai and if Dyne is really like the Ying Yang magic, Oracle. And he kicks much butt.

I tend to agree with you (and Cid, and others) about FFIX being the best on the system, but they’re talking about overrated. I guess FFIX wasn’t exactly “revolutionary,” like so many people consider FFVII to be.

No, but it also certainly wasn’t overrated. Like I said, it tends to be underrated when compared to its shinier relatives.

It’s a mediocre platformer that’s only real “amazing” quality was that it featured polygon based characters. I didn’t like polygons then, I don’t like them now.

The cool thing about it is that it was actually completely sprite-based, just like Mario, but the sprites were rendered in 3D. It was a really neat idea and the experience was totally unlike anything out then, even the polygon-based stuff on Sega CD. And I’m no platformer expert, but I don’t think I’ve played too many “great” platformers. 8p

I gave it a chance, twice. And I still hate it to this day.

And I hate FF8. There’ll always be people who hate any game. Diversity is wonderful, no?

Heh, along with FFT, FFIX is up there among my favorite games. I loved it. Still haven’t beaten it though. I normally get to where I’m within a few battles of the end, and then quit.

Then don’t say people never gave it a chance. Some of us did and hated it.

There are plenty more who were turned off after the first hour because the main character had a tail, or because the battles took too slow, or because it was back in a medieval setting. Trust me, I’ve heard these arguments.

The battles taking too long is an entirely valid argument.

I’ve never <i>ever</i> had to wait so long in an RPG for my character’s gauge to fill when I was fighting some monsters that cast a Slow spell. Holy <i>shit</i>. I went to get a drink and when I came back it went up halfway and my friend who was there says the monster took two turns already. Without the Slow it was only tolerable. If the battle was, 2x or even 4x faster (like say at the speed of Chrono Trigger) the game would have gotten so much more respect in my eyes.

That said, FFIX is actually my favourite Final Fantasy. I like it even better than FFX :stuck_out_tongue:

Battle Arena Toshinden was my first PS game ever, and will always hold a special place in my heart. Ellis is THE bomb shizz nizzle dig.

I agree wholeheartedly.

It’s all about Duke and overly compensating for something swords, dammit.

What IS NiGHTS? I’ve never heard of it before like a week ago, but since then I’ve heard nothing but praise. I wanna try it, but what is it?

Old Saturn game. Link.

It’s a Saturn game with some of the best music ever. It’s sort of a railed racing game with bosses thrown in, but that really dumbs down the concept behind it.

I had some friends over the other night, so I popped in Christmas NiGHTS. Half of them were like “what’s a Saturn?” most of the other half were saying “what’s NiGHTS?” Only one person recognized the game as “that game that made my big sister throw up when we were kids!”


Can’t you speed up the battles in the configuration menu in FFIX? I remember making them faster… I think.

Shit, I wish. I never heard that though. I remember one time it took Garnet 7 minutes to do what I told her. It’s not so much that the battles too a while, just that the characters didn’t respond as fast as they should.

Yeah, I didn’t think it was so much the battle meters filling up slowly, as it was overly drawn out ability animations. Some of them were LONGER THAN THE WAIT FOR THE BARS THEMSELVES. No amount of configuring can solve that.

One trick I kinda did was to have the game on ‘wait’ mode, wherein if someone casts something huge, I can take another member, go into one of his menus (like, item, or magic), and the ATB will freeze while the animation runs. Once the animation is over, I go out, and no time, for that individual whom was casting it at least, is lost.