:cool:I heard that the final boss was based on an experience the maker had when he was little. Apparently, the guy went into a porno movie by accident, poor kid.::dekar!:: And that’s why the boss has all those creepy sounds.shiver I believe it, what do you guys think?:suckah:

I remember readign a thread someone made at another forum once, complaining about the religious overtones of this game, making you “pray” to defeat the ultimate evil. The memory of that thread brings a smile to my face every time I think about it.

They were asking their friends for help though, not God



bleaches hair, lets it grow a couple of meters, applies gel and asks the lighting director to enhance aura

:hahaha;Wow, I wish I could see that thread. I can’t stop laughing, it’s just too funny.:mwahaha:

Reminds me of when PSO: Blue Burst was in beta. Someone posted a complaint that some of the monsters had the attribute “Native”, claiming that this was racist, as if the word automatically meant “native people.”

went into a porno movie by accident, poor kid. And that’s why the boss has all those creepy sounds.
You mean really bad 70’s soundtracks? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway: Is this the same Boss that appeared in Kid Radd? There was a segment of that great, gone-but-not-forgotten webcomic that parodied Earthbound; the “Final Boss” was some kind of “CGI-frame” face that was supposed to be invincible except with a spell… that the heroes forgot to get. :stuck_out_tongue: They found a way to win, thought, that made the game accuse them of cheating with a gameshark. :smiley:

You cannot grasp the true form of Gigyas’s attack.

Most. Horrific. Battle text. Ever.

That’s not really any different than what happened in FF4.

This thread made me recall my love for Earthbound. I have since picked it back up and am enjoying every minute of it.

Even the late level grinding?

QFT. I completely forgot about that. What an insanely awesome game…

I never had to do any level grinding whatsoever in Earthbound. O_o

Yea I haven’t had to do any level grinding really.

Hm, perhaps I needed to use more magic? I’m usually an MP miser (apart from the last parts of the game where I magic-spammed everything that moved) , so that could be it.

Im pretty MP(or in the case of Earthbound PP) conservative.

My statement does have to be semi-retracted. I spent two hours this morning trying to get the Sword of Kings. All of my characters went up about 30 levels and I never even got the sword.

Has anyone here EVER gotten the Sword of Kings? Really?

Not me … what are the conditions for getting it?

I think some variety of Starmen, Super Starmen or something had an 1/256 chance of dropping it. I think.


Granted, by the time I was done my level average was around 85. Super Starmen can drop it, and that’s it.