I just got back from a trial in Midland, Texas. A 19-year old guy I used to work with caused an horrific accident that killed two people and maimed a third (my girlfriend). He had consumed a liter of tequila, 15 cans of beer, and was coming down from a cocaine tweak when he hit the other vehicle head-on at approximately 110 mph. The other vehicle was going 70 (it was a highway), which also happened to have three small kids in the car. The mother died a slow, brutal death (if you’ve seen the movie ‘Signs’, her death was similar to Mel Gibson’s wife’s death, except it was her head). One of the passengers in the drunk’s car was killed instantly (face obliterated into the dashboard), and my girl had to have her face/scalp sewn back on after going through the rear-view mirror and the windshield.

You don’t appreciate the nastiness involved in shit like this until you’re in court, watching the survivors and family members try not to lose their cool as they listen to the drunk teen talk about what HE hopes to accomplish in life, how he loves animals, yadda yadda.

Don’t drink and drive.


After consuming that much crap, I’m surprised the guy lived long enough to even GET in the car. (This is me and my total inexperience in the field speaking btw)

Anyway, yeah. Stuff like this sucks, especially knowing it could have been prevented by not drinking, doing cocaine, or at least not letting the drunk/stoned person take the wheel. Not really much more I can say about it, except I hope the survivors recover ok.

Did the guy receive a sentence? If so what was it?

He’s probably getting somewhere in the vicinity of 30 years. Sentencing is on Monday, and we’ll be in Midland to see it.

That sucks man, I know how you feel, a similar thing happened to my friends 5 months ago (only my “friend” wasn’t drunk). Man, if you ever need to talk, just PM or something. I know it hurts, but things will get better. I hope that you feel better soon.

That’s fucking retarded.

I’d say “that sucks” if it didn’t come off as being the most inadequate consolation I could think of.

I’ve felt absolutely horrible, like I wanted to die, for things not even a tenth as bad, so I can only pretend to sympathise with what you’re going through.

All I can say is I hope the bastard can beg to God well enough not to be thrust into hell for what he did.

Well…with much want for something better to say, that DOES suck. ;_;

I guess I paint a pretty bleak picture. I am all right, and Rachell’s okay, still beautiful as ever IMO. Thanks for your words. I just am pissed at how Bryce’s (aka drunk asshole’s) defense attorney can even stand to talk about how wonderful of a person he is, when he’s got drug busts dating back to '99, not to mention other offenses like intoxication assualt, attempted grand theft auto, possession of narcotics, sales of narcotics, the list goes on and on. On top of it all, because we knew each other, the fucker tries to shake my hand and acts all surprised when I warn him that I’m not the best person for him to be talking to. Fucker. I’m Venting. Gah.

I sympathize for the vicitims of the car accident, but I don’t give one bit of sympathy for the drunk driver. It’s people like him that make me sick. Espeically since a drunk driver killed my cousin a few years ago.

His ass needs to be in jail for a good 10-20 years.

People like your friend know that they’ve fucked up so bad they don’t even know what people are going to do to them. Part of their mind goes back to childhood where someone was there to comfort them, be it a friend or family member. Only when these people turn their backs on them do they realize that they’ve fucked up for life and there’s no going back.

As for defense attornys, they get a bad rap for just doing their jobs. Being a lawyer means seeing that every person gets their day in court. Even when their morals say they don’t deserve even the courtesy.

Glad your girlfriend’s okay.

May he get exactly what he deserves.

My condolences.
Drunken drivers are bastards!

My condolences.

Glad your girlfriend is doing ok.I’m impressed that the guy actually could get into the car after all that shit he took,hope he get’s what he deserves,and he derserves way more than 30 years.

same, and for something like that, he needs death. thats just horrible what he did.

Not always, the guy that killed my friend and severly injrued the other still acts as arrogant as he did before the accident and does much of what caused the accident. So I wouldn’t say that they always learn from their mistakes.

What he deserve’s is illegal in most countries, as well as being a crime against humanity.

Well, by law, everyone has a right to defense. But IMO, crimes like this one (drinking and/or doping, then driving & causing accidents) should cause the criminal to lose his right for defense, so that they would automatically be sent directly from the accident site to jail. People know he doped and caused the accident, and he confessed, so why does it need a trial anyway? Give him 20 or more years in prison and be done with it!

I’m really sorry to hear this man. I’m relieved to hear that your girlfriend is well. Do all you can to see that ingrate never sees the night of day agian. Nulani? I know it’s your birthday, but can you pick this guy up tonight?

Yeah, I sympathize. I can only imagine what I’d do if I was in your shoes.

It’s just their job, being emotionally swayed enough by the crime to not try his hardest to get Bryce off would give Bryce an opportunity to appeal for a mistrial a few years down the road. Be glad he tried his hardest.

Anyway, sorry man that’s horrible. What about the three kids in the other car, were they okay?