Driving tips

Well I start my drivers test in 29 days. Yesterday I went out driving on some deserted roads with my grandma and I did okay except on the turning. Today I went to some more dirt roads (as well as some paved) with my dad. I’m doing okay its just turning is what I need to work on. Does anyone have any driving tips for me?

This list might seem stupid and/or common sense, but it’s VERY important to know. Always come to a FULL stop on a stop sign. A cop will pull you over if he sees you do a rolling stop. ALWAYS pay attention to what you and other people are doing. ADJUST HOW YOU DRIVE DEPENDING ON THE CONDITIONS YOU ARE IN! If it is snowing or raining heavily, do not go the speed limit, go as slow as you need to so that you can stop easily. Always use your turn signal. Always. I am not going to look to see if your tires are turned to see if you’re turning, I will look for your signal. When switching lanes, always make sure that there isn’t someone in your blind spot.

There are a million others, but I’m starting to feel like a parent, so I’ll stop.

As far as turning is concerend, it takes 3 feet before the car will fully come to the turn that you have made with the steering wheel, unless you make some radical sharp turn. Don’t turn the wheel so much when you’re making a simple turn. Really, it’s all about experience. Just drive a lot and you’ll figure it out.


Yeah I did turn a bit too sharply today. I almost drove into a mailbox. But that was the only time. Stopping was a bit different in my dad’s truck than in my grandma’s car. But thats probably because every vehicle (sp?) has different breaks.

Turning help? Go really fast into the turn, and pull the e-brake.

And its fun too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I fear cars. I’ve had a great fear of cars for two years now, since I was in a car crash. Those hurt.

Watch for the “hidden” stop sign. Drive tests useually have a stop right after a sharp turn or a steep hill. Also, if you are driving a manual transmission, stop. Get an automatic !

Always check your rearview mirror when stopping. It’s so you can adjust for the guy behind you not paying attention. I got a lot of marks deducted for not doing that.

What does that mean? Adjusting for the guy not paying attention behind you? I’ve never heard of such a thing

Furthermore, driving a manual is a lot of fun. I can’t do it right, but it’s still pretty fun. Makes driving so much less boring when you’re driving long distances.

Just drive a lot, and drive a lot in the car that you’ll take the test in. It’s all about experience.

Don’t drive.


When it comes to runing, there are two things you have to remember:

  1. Don’t overturn
  2. Don’t underturn.

It takes a bit of practive, but you will get used to how much you have to turn your wheel to get a proper turn. The only thing you can do is practice practice practice.

That’s just my paraphrasing. What the examiner actually said was to make sure the guy behind you didn’t brake too late. Then you could adjust.

Driving manual is fun. I learned on a manual and I didn’t find it that hard.

There’s a few things you’re expected to know for your driver’s test – in CA, anyway. Your state might differ slightly. Some of these things aren’t really “common sense”, although they are good to know, you probably won’t think about them unless you take driver’s training and learn that way.

  • Know where your emergency flashers and headlight switches are. They’ll expect you to know before the test actually starts.
  • Do a “traffic check” when going through an intersection with a green light. This means do a quick glance to your right and left as you’re going through it. Kinda dumb, but I like to do it sometimes just in case some moron is going to run a red light.
  • Make sure that the tester knows that you’re doing what you’re doing. So when you get to a 4-way stop, actually turn your head a little (not exaggeratedly) and look at the other 3 directions. Most people don’t turn their heads, we just use our eyes like normal people, but the tester will want to verify you’re paying attention.
  • Keep an eye on your speed. They’ll knock you for going more than 5mph over or under the posted speed limit, sometimes even for less of a margin than that. Fortunately you can mess up a few times like this and still pass, but keep it in mind.
  • If you have to do parallel parking, pray to your god. Actually you can just learn it like any other skill, but it’s probably the toughest driving skill you’ll ever need to know. Fortunately, some states like mine don’t require it anymore. 8)

Man. I once saved my dad from a side collision (INTO MY DOOR). We were going through a standard left turn, about the third car in line at a 6 lane/4 lane road intersection (Cobb Parkway/Barrett Parkway just so Sorc knows). Suddenly, some ass just runs the red light to make a LEFT turn. Like, he does not stop at all and just runs it after two cars had already gone in our left lane.

My testers litearlly gave me a square to parallel park in. My old '89 Celebrity could barely fit in it length wise. If I had taken my mom’s truck like she suggested, it wouldn’t have fit at all, and that truck was about 4 inches longer than my car.

Yeah, I generally have a habit of at least looking the other way before turning. There’s just so many idiots here in atlanta, driving is dangerous.

btw dont drive drunk

I never found parallel parking that difficult. But then like most driving skills, once you know how to do them they are easy.

Well here is my tip, don’t rush. Just relax and take your time. And if you are ever unsure about doing something, like pulling out onto a busy road (or whatever), then don’t. Just wait for a chance to do it, you feel comfortable with.

There ya go. That’s my two cents worth.

I can parallel park, but thats because I have to in order to park in front of my house, but when I took the test I ended up about a foot off the curb. But I still passed.

don’t drive while intoxicated from anything. and uh don’t drive into fields chasing after the golden bears.

Don’t do anything I did on my first four driver’s tests… -_-;;

That is, become stressed.