Dragon Ball Kai

Oh shit son! This shit is great :smiley:

I saw the first episode yesterday, known about it for awhile.

They added in Freeza’s encounter with Goku’s father, from the TV special, at the start which was a nice touch.

The first episode ends with Raditz arriving on Roshi’s island, in the original japanese cut of the series that didn’t happen until the end of the second episode, so already the cutting out of unnecessary material can be seen. (this isn’t quite as obvious for anyone only familiar with the original english dub of the series, which already had most of the first 2-3 episodes cut down). If the rumors of them cutting the series from 291 episodes to 100 are true, it should be much more interesting to watch.

Though, I gotta admit, the extended scenes of staring / screaming / grunting / powering up / eye twitching / other filler have become part of DBZ, it’s hard to imagine it without them.

Not sure if I approve of the musical changes yet, though. Cha-La-Head-Cha-La was a pretty great themesong, and I’m already missing it, especially since even the instrumental versions of it are gone from the soundtrack (as is most of the original music). We’ll have to see how much, if any, of the original musical score they keep.

Same here.

Also for shits and giggles I rewatched the remastered version of the second episode of DBZ and even then the changes between the two versions were significant (and yes the art was definitely remastered).

I loooooove Dragonball…

Just finished watching episode 5 and the previews for the next episode has Goku reaching the end of Snake’s Way. O_O

So much for the eternity known as Snake’s Way.

Yeah. They pretty much took out the filler so it could be at a faster pace.

Makes you wonder just how shorter DBK will be without all the filler stuff. At least the Frieza vs. Goku fight on Namek might actually take 5 minutes instead of several episodes.

Speaking of Namek, I wonder how much will get cut off of that. That saga just went on forever it seems.

It’ll probably shorten the series anywhere from 10-20 episodes.

The current rumors are that Kai will shorten DBZ’s 291 episodes to around 100.

Where did you hear that Gamer? :open_mouth:

I’ve heard the 291 to 100 rumor too, no idea where it originated or if it has any merit.

Granted there was a lot of filler in DBZ, but it won’t really be apparent until they get to Namek. There was still quite a bit during the Saiyan saga, but it never became obvious until they went planet hopping.

10-20 is way too little, there’s more filler episodes than that, and presumably those will all be cut entirely. So I wouldn’t even expect the Garlic Jr. arc, for instance.

Yeah, Garlic Jr. won’t be there at all. I doubt it’ll shorten to 100. I know there’s a lot of filler, but that seems kind of lacking. But hey, if they do it I’m all for it.

Actually it’s fairly apparent now since they got rid of filler episodes with such gems as Gohan’s misadventures with a robot, or Vegeta and Nappa overthrowing an evil alien empire while rescuing the alien princess for the alien prince before blowing the whole planet to kingdom come (Seriously, what the hell was the point of this episode?), or even the HFIL sequence. Basically, next week’s episode will reach the same point that episode 18 of the US release ended on.

And frankly I’m not sad in the least that they got rid of all that. I just wish they’d Kai the original DB too (I’m pretty sure that DB was bogged down in filler too).

Just as well they got rid of it. I don’t think I could watch Nappa and Vegeta on the bug planet any other way.

Just to make a comment on how the series is progressing, episode 8 ends with Nappa and Vegeta landing on earth.

In the original series, this happened in episode 21.

I’m starting to think cutting the series by two thirds and down to 100 episodes might not be all that unreasonable after all. I mean, it’s already almost cut down by 2/3 and it hasn’t even gotten to the points where there was REAL lengthy filler.

Just watched episode 12.

ITS OVER 8000!!!..wait what!?

Yeah, it was 8000 in the original Japanese. For some reason they changed it to 9000 in the Ocean Dub, and that has stuck in the localization ever since. Partly because of its internet popularity at this point, I think.

It’s kinda like DBZ’s ‘You Spoony Bard!’.

I did english localisation testing on a DBZ game before, and we flagged it as ‘Very Important’ that they kept it at 9000. When the lead of the project asked me why, I told him to check the video.

They changed the text accordingly.

Good man.

Also this.

After some technical difficulties both episodes 15 and 16 are up and with them the Saiyajin arc is now complete.

Next up Namek.

Also the first half of episode 16 looks fantastic. Definitely remastered.