DQ8 keychain

I just recived my keychain today and its a GoldSlime, I ordered my demo from enix nearly 5 weeks ago.
Here is a picture of it, its really bad quality because I took it with a webcam.

I got 2 of them, but no demo yet… One appears to be either a slime or metally, while the other is a green version of what otherwise looks like a drakslime.

Wow thats odd, you got your keychains before your demo. I’m sure you’ll eventually get it.

Any idea what the hell a green Drakslime is?

That’s like the one I got. ^^

Theoretically, I should have gotten my keychain before Trillian, since I’m the one who referred her, so I therefore ordered my demo before she did. Yet, I still wait…

Then again, I don’t think we’ve gotten the mail in a while. It’s possible that it’s been sitting in my mailbox for days…

I still haven’t gotten mine… and wasn’t I the one to start the DQ8 friendship chain here?!?

Apparently I can’t count the weeks, its only been 4 since I ordered. Yeah, you were the one who started the friendship chain, but I signed up a few days before you started it. My demo and keychain both shipped from Minnesota.

If the demos shipped from Minnesota, why’d it take a few weeks to arrive in my mailbox? :chupon:

No keychain for me, though. I’m the only one of my friends really interested in RPGs. They all play FPS.

Because they are shipped out randomly.

I sent mine to my home address…I should call and find out if it arrived.

Dag, yo… I got a Gold Slime too. That wouldn’t exactly have been my first choice, to be honest. =P I would have rather had two of the smaller ones, and I would have rather had a more old-school slime, like a regular slime or a babble or healer or something. But a Gold Slime is still cool, so, I shouldn’t complain. =P

Also, the fact that the box they came in is copywrited as 2004 and is completely in Japanese makes me wonder if all these keychains are just leftovers from a Japanese promotion or something…

Also, speaking of the box, am I the only one who finds the Japanese choking hazard symbol to be hilarious? The whole crying pac-man head about to choke on a square cracks me up. =P

Yes. I’ll imagine it is you that is choking and be the one to find it hilarious!

Btw, I still await a slime :frowning:

I received my keychains in the mail today - I suppose there were two since they were small. One was a dark blue slime with orange fins (no clue as to the name), and the other was a Babble. Hooray! :smiley:

(no digital camera = no pics)

Too bad it’s not called a babble anymore :frowning: Now its Bubble slime…

I just got my demo today, but now keychains :too bad:.

:\ Still, it shall always be a Babble in my heart!

My friend who signed up after me got his today, a gold slime and a drakee. None for me yet.

Man, a Drakee and a Babble would have been totally sweet.
(I feel like a total nerd.)

I finally got the keychains today, I got a [STRIKE]blue[/STRIKE] green slime and the one with tentacles. I still haven’t gotten my demo disk yet.