DQ8 keychain

Yeah, I wish Squenix didn’t do all the name changing. I don’t like the new names, but i’m sure i’ll adapt.

I got a SlimeWing and a Spotted Slime. The spots are sorta hard to see on the Spotted Slime at first.

Got Goldslime, Blueslime

I’m going to have the game before the slime keychain(s) :(((

Actually the blue slime is a spotted slime; it’s just really hard to tell in the dark

This just in: Marine Slime and Healer :slight_smile:

I’ve still gotten none. :frowning:

I tried a cheap scam an signed up twice with the same address only using two different names. I’ve gotten two demos but only one keychain box so far :mwahaha:


Looks like my underhanded tatics paid off, I just recieved a second box with King Slime today!!!