DQ IV Thread

So has anyone gotten it yet? And if so is it worth getting a second time?


Getting it tomorrow probably…

Yes :smiley:

My main complaint is the terrible terrible grammar and English in general in chapter 2. I know it’s just supposed to be a silly accent on the NPCs but they took it way way too far sometimes.

I’m picking it up later. Regarding Sohee’s comment, please tell me that they turned the priest into the Croc Hunter or something.

I saw this game a few days ago in a store. Could it actually be so that they’ve started simultaneous released in US/EU? Also, give me a recommendation/curse or two so I know whether to import this bad boy. CT is already on it’s way…

My preorder hasn’t arrived yet. :frowning:

I’m at the beginning of Chapter 2 and I like it a lot so far. Of course, I already loved the original version, so my judgment is totally biased. The accents are neat, I think. I had more trouble understanding the one in Chapter 1 than Chapter 2, though. >.>

I did pick it up. It plays very smoothly. Chapter 2 has a Russian theme - the text reads like stock heavily-accented English from a Russian in an American movie. Chapter 1 was Scottish.

Any advice for the Casino? I’m not winning much.

Is this the same game as the PSX remake only released in Japan a few years ago?

As far as I know it’s identical to the PSX port, more or less. Hopefully that means the new content in the PSX port is brought to the DS version too, can anyone clarify this?

Also, a question. The original NA localization called the villain ‘Necrosaro’, while I think the literal romanization of his Japanese name would be ‘Deathpisaro’ or something. Can anyone confirm which version, or if a new spelling of the name entirely, is used? I personally think ‘Necrosaro’ sounds cooler, but it’s not a deal-breaker for me either way.

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His name is Psaro in this one.

MASSIVE You can get Psaro in your party after beating the game :smiley:

As for the casino, I had the most luck with the monster arena. Look for monsters that heal, have a high defense, can cast big spells, or other spells that help them. For example, there’s one fight card with two flying doctors and a winky. The Flying Doctors have 10+ odds, but one of them almost always wins because of healing. Betting your winnings can make a LOT of tokens, but it’s very risky. Poker’s not so great in this game, as the Double or Nothing is the “pick the higher card” type, rather then the “High/Low” type. Very annoying :confused:

The last fight in chapter 2 fucking hurts. So far I’ve only hit the damned thing once in a half dozen attempts.

I had better luck with the poker myself, but that was for the NES version.

Originally Posted by TaranWanderer
MASSIVE Spoiler: You can get Psaro in your party after beating the game :smiley:

[SPOILER]My one problem with this is that he was more than just another random Dragon/Demon Lord wandering around needing to have the world saved from him. And that plus having seven different forms to change into during your fight with him (and not in the cheezy ‘now that I’ve had my warm-up it’s time to go FULL POWAARR!!!’ way that most final bosses use made him the single best villain this series shall ever see, and he shall always be considered to be the true villain in my opinion regardless as to whom they try to use to replace him with.

I suspect Rosa’s gonna do what Aerith did and not stay dead.[/SPOILER]

Much less spoilerific than above, but still spoilerific. On a similar note I’ve heard that they’ve also added a sixth chapter for four, and a third bride for five. I don’t know what they’re adding to six, but a popular rumor is a third realm in addition to the real and dream worlds (sounds unlikely though).

They nerfed poker. You can only bet 10 at a time now. The monster fights are fairly lucrative, though it’s easy to lose your shirt on them, as well.

[SPOILER]Basically, after you beat the game, you can go through the bonus dungeon and get an item to revive Rosa. She reveals that one of Psaro’s underlings orchestrated her death so that he could get Psaro to wage war on humanity. Then you take Rosa through the final dungeon and talk to Psaro, and she convinces him to go with you so you can go kill said underling. This is “Chapter 6.”

Also, I did read on GameFAQs about DQV’s third bride. Supposedly, she’s more combat oriented then the other two.[/SPOILER]

I need to go and get this game soon. I’ve played quite of few of the DQ games, but haven’t played IV (or VII for that matter). I’m curious as to what they might add for DQVI. Still looking forward to V since that game was damn near epic for me.

I thought DQVI already had a third realm. The Demon World? (Or whatever it’s called.) Since there’s the Real World and the Dream World. Then towards the end, you go into another world.

Finally got it yesterday, and I started Chapter 1 - unfortunately, I fell asleep while playing because work’s just sucked so much this week!

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Anyways, regarding ‘Psaro’ (not to crazy about that variation, but whatever, I’ll still call him Saro) the whole scenario with him joining the party was in the PSX remake of the game. So I guess that confirms it is essentially a port of the PSX version, with just a few minor touches. Saro joining the party wasn’t completely out of left field, though, even in the NES version you learn that a few of his subordinates planned to have Rosa killed in order to drive Saro over the edge. As I understand it, the sixth chapter involves reviving Rosa, getting Saro to join the party, then taking out his traitorous minion who then becomes the king of all evil in Saro’s place.

A third bride in DQV sounds neat. I remember playing the translated SNES rom a few years back and enjoyed it quite a bit. I couldn’t bring myself to pick the ‘other’ girl, though, it just didn’t seem right to not pick the hero’s childhood friend. Can’t help but wonder who bride #3 will be…

As for VI, a new job addition or two would be neat just as long as they don’t go overboard and add as many job classes as VII had. That was excessive. Considering Terry is a hero in this game, and he was also the hero of the first DQ Monsters game, maybe the monster-catching element will be expanded?

Just as long as the DQVI DS remake keeps the hidden boss Dark Dream who goes and KILLS THE FINAL BOSS FOR YOU when you beat him (best optional boss reward ever) I’ll be happy.

I always picked Bianca, I couldn’t help it. It just didn’t feel right any other way.

From what I’ve seen in ads from news sites, the third bride sort of comes out of nowhere and crashes the decision-making time. I believe that she’s more attack-oriented than magic-oriented as compared to Bianca and Flora, and from the pictures she looks like a DQ-style Amy Winehouse. I’m totally making a separate save file so I can pick her and not feel bad about ditching Bianca, ha I’m so weird.

Back to DQIV - I finished Chapter 1 last night, and maybe I was just really bad with this game when I was younger - it felt SO easy. The Scottish accents were kinda fun, and I’m not digging the Russian ones from Chapter 2 so far. The graphics are so nice for what this game is; it just feels so sharp and colorful. :slight_smile:

I’m liking the game so far, just finished Chapter 1. I’ve always thought that DW4 was more fast-paced than the other games, although admittedly I’ve yet to play the ones on SNES, and the only one I’ve finished is the first one.

Two things:

  1. What’s ‘bairn’ :frowning:

  2. From what I heard, you used to be able to talk shit with your party members in the PSX version of this game (kinda like DW7 I guess), and that they removed it from the US and EU versions.