Double Dash

F zero is easier than this freakin’ game. I’m getting my ass kicked in 150 and 100 Special. Anyone got tips? I’m using baby bowser, baby luigi and the bullet car and the romping is violating.

Well, here are some tips

-when you are in first and a blue shell is coming at you, hit the breaks when you see it because it might also hit the 2nd and 3rd place people

-I dont know how good you are on slide boosting but make sure you master it, it becomes very important later on

Er, didn’t you and Tommy beat that game Sonic? I dun remember, I need to try it, because F-Zero GX is pretty hard. >_>

Originally posted by Glenn
Er, didn’t you and Tommy beat that game Sonic? I dun remember, I need to try it, because F-Zero GX is pretty hard. >_>

Yes, Ibeat it on my own first then he came and we tried the team kart and beat it with some practice (we barely beat it though).
With practice this game actually becomes kinda easy you just need to get good with the sliding and the boostiong.

BTW F-Zero GX is soo much harder then MK:DD

Don’t use the bullet car sin O.o; That thing has no traction.

And if you think that’s hard, 150cc world cup makes me want to cry sometimes <.<;


Yeah, sliding makes that game hilariously easy sometimes. We should try the team cup racing thing sometime. Who drove when it was you and Tommy?

I finish F Zero GX Master Cup with an overall first place grrrr

I can’t do the slide thing for shit. Any tips on what other car I could use as an alternative?

Originally posted by Glenn
Yeah, sliding makes that game hilariously easy sometimes. We should try the team cup racing thing sometime. Who drove when it was you and Tommy?

It was prolly me because i am a better driver :slight_smile:

Sin:really as long as you can slide good you should be able to use any kart good, but i guess if you want an alternative try some of the middle karts like marios or something.

SB, can you explain how to power slide? I don’t really get how to do it.

Well, as soon as you start your turn, you need to click the R button. Then as you’re sliding you push the control stick back and forth to make the sparks on your tires change color. So if you were turning right initially you would steer left, then back right, left and then right again. Once the sparks turn blue, (which is the third color) let go of the R button to stop sliding and you’ll get a small boost.

And yeah, sliding was much easier to do in MK64.

I rented Double Dash last week and I was attempting to beat Flower cup on 150cc, and I could only get 3rd overall…

Are you kidding, Sinistral? I got everything within a week of playing it, but I tried F-Zero, a DEMO, and I was confused :open_mouth: I did the exact same thing on the demo race both times, and one time I got 2nd, and one time I got 23rd :open_mouth: That’s fucking hard to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, here’s some tips:

  1. Stay out of 2nd and 4th place if you can: 2nd-4th gets ALL the fucking crap, and it’s just a pain in the ass. Do whatever you can to start the race in first place.

  2. Mini Turbos help. That’s the slide boost thing that Sonic Bomber is talking about. The trick to doing it in 1 player is, if you try to do it really fast, it won’t work at all; you have to do it really slow :open_mouth: If you have a second player, they do the left-right alternating thing instead of you, and they can do it really fast and it’ll still work. :smiley: Don’t rely on these too heavily, because if you live and die by the mini turbo, you’ll get fucked in the ass.

  3. Get a companion if you can :smiley: Try to find someone who thinks lke you, cos if you get someone who has different ideas than you, you’ll have it really tough. :open_mouth: But if you can find someone you can work with well, Mario Kart just gets that much easier :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. After you get past 100cc, it’s time to stop using middle karts. Middle Karts just don’t specialize in anything, and so they get whomped in 150ccs. It’s time to get a Light or Heavy car that fits your needs.

  • Light Karts are slow as hell, but they never lose their speed or momentum, and they can get by without relying on sharp turns so much; a nice added bonus of this is that you can just edge out of the way of a lot of obstacles without having to do any drastic actions like swerve the fuck out of the way. You can just be like …left and that’ll work :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Heavy Karts don’t accelerate, and anything that’s not a lighter kart that collides with them will make them lose their speed immediately (even dirt! :O), however, if you favor sharp turns and mini turbos, they kick ass because they’re so stupidly fast when they hit top speed, and not a lot of karts can hit you off course. In fact, you’ll probly hit them off course by just driving by them :stuck_out_tongue:

I, personally prefer light karts, because never losing speed = more consistency = wins for me. :smiley: But it all depends on your style. After you beat 100cc Special Cup, you get Toad and Toadette, I believe, and you also get the Toad Kart; this is my car of choice, and I finished the entire rest of the game with it. Toad and Toadette are also really cool drivers because they’re adorable, and their special is the Gold Mushroom (Unlimited Boosts for about 10-15 seconds :D)

Anything else you’re curious about, just ask :smiley:

Thanks SG!

Yeah, my friend and I spent weeks on DD to beat everything. It does help to have two people playing. My friend was the one who won the races and I was the one that stayed back and took out the racers with the most points. Here’s a few tips:

  1. Get an FAQ and memorize where shortcuts are. Most “shortcuts” aren’t really short, it’s just that most cars won’t go there, so you won’t be slowed down.

  2. Use mushrooms and golden mushrooms to their fullest. If you get one coupled with a starman, even better. They can allow you to cut corners with ease and make a really fast time. Most of the time I used Toad, just for the mushrooms.

  3. My favorite combo is Toad (see #2) and Peach. Near the end of almost every race, the track is littered with tons of banannas, fake item boxes, floating green shells, etc. Peach’s hearts saved my ass so many times.

  4. I prefer small carts (I eventually switched to the Toad/Toadette combo) because of their better control. I can’t power slide to save my life, so small racer’s ability to take corners easy is great.

I’d be happy to help you in any other way that I can. Good luck!

I was the QUEEN of power sliding in MK64, so it didn’t take me that long to master it in DD, even tho it is a little more difficult.

I found my favortie combo is Paratroopa (over Koopa Troopa because he’s RED and has WINGS), for his three shell special, which has saved me MANY times; and Baby Luigi or Toadette, because they’re cute, Chomps are cute, and Golden Mushrooms have also saved my ass MANY times.

Obviously, with this combo choice, I like small karts. I’m still trying to decide which one is best for me, but I’m leaning toward the Toad kart and the green Koopa kart.

And I’ve learned never EVER to use either of the Bowsers. That stupid giant shell of theirs always backfires on me. >.<

I like medium karts. I finished the game with it. Good speed and good acceleration is a must.
You need a special to attack people in the front, like fireballs, red shells, eggs… and something to drop behind when you are in the first place. I like bob-ombs… Giant Bananas are that damn useful.

Personally, I found the lighter cars easier to handle and they’ve got good acceleration which is always a bonus. I liked using the two Koopa’s and their kart the best, their speacials of three green and red shells is very handy for taking out anybody in front of you. Learning the fastest route through a level always help too (obviously).

I also find that it’s helpful to avoid using the bigger characters like DK and Bowser, they can obscure the track.

Use a combination of a Koopa Troopa, and either Diddy Kong or one of the Baby Mario Bros or Baby Bowser or a Toad. I find the lightweight drivers to be the best, because their acceleration and traction is very important. Koopa should be in the back, to take better advantage of his trio-shells special item, and use the other in the front. I recommend either the blue Toad racer or the green Troopa racer, they are well-balanced cars. Whether you start the race off in first or not is not terribly important, as you’ll have time to catch up almost always; but learning how to power slide is key. Stay to the inside of as many turns as you can, for you gain distance better; for example in Luigi’s Circuit you’ll get further ahead power sliding around the inside turn rather than going up along the ramp with the boosts. If you need to practice power sliding play Luigi’s Circuit, it’s a good practice level for that. Otherwise, the only other tip I have is to get double-items as much as possible (either with a double-block or by switching drivers momentarily to get the second item), as it is very useful for playing defense while in first place or to improve your chances of getting to first. Build up a lead if you can, the earlier courses are easier than the later ones (except maybe with the Star Cup, the ice level is a pain).

Don’t worry about finding short cuts, as most of them aren’t much of a huge help in Double Dash. Lastly, if you hit someone while mushroom-boosting or with a star, you’ll take any items they may have.

and power slide power slide power slide. Let me know if you need more tips, I utterly conquered that game, got the Mirror Special and Mirror All Cups tour Gold Medals on my first try :stuck_out_tongue:

also, it’s required that if you get a Baby Mario Brother and their Chomp ball, you scream “GET CHOMPED!!” when you start charging and after every time you hit another driver. Also, if you have Daisy and are in the lead you should start switching drivers over and over while racing, so that everyone understands that she’s Daisy! And losing with Baby Bowser and Wario is fun :stuck_out_tongue:

I suggest Medium Karts because I think Heavy & Light sucks…
But since everyone says different things, just choose whatever you like :stuck_out_tongue:

I used Medium (Waluigi Racer) and played as Waluigi, and my friend was Paratroopa until we got Toadette…

I used Waluigi because I just LOVE the Bob-Ombs… (I got the nickname “Mad Bomber of Mario Kart” :P)
They hit a wide area and will <I>[b]THROW PEOPLE UP INTO THE AIR</I>/b if you get a good hit…
Not to mention that they’ll probably hit at least two people…
Nothing slows you down more than getting thrown up in the air losing a few seconds and all your speed…

In the beginning I used the Koopa/Paratroopa duo (6 red shells XD) and the Green Koopa Kart, but I soon got tired of being tackled all the time, so I tried a Heavy one…
Whixh was <I>impossible</I> to drive, so I went for a compromise… Medium…

And boosts aren’t that important…
I beat the game without even knowing how it worked…
(I did use it pretty much during my second, third and fourth run though :P)

Also, let it be known that the music that plays when you’re 4th or worse (I think it’s 4th anyway) is referred to by yours truly as: Go humans

Mostly because I play Co-Op and that QP and me would just say ‘Go humans’ at our pathetic defeats in 150CC in Star Cup, where the BS factor is strong. We had less trouble in the bloody freakin Special Cup for crap’s sake.