Does anyone else find it annoying how you have to wear rubber gloves while eating them if you don’t want all the cheese to stick your fingers?

Personally, it bugs the fuck out of me, but they’re so damned good.

Oh hell yes, but I can’t stop chugging them down.

That, my dear Hades, is why God invented the tongue.

How long is YOURS? :open_mouth:

Do you ever find that the flavour grains rub your tongue a bit raw when you get to the end of the bag?

I want doritos now :frowning:

I haven’t had a Dorito in six or seven months. And they say children in Africa are disadvantaged…

984 is loved by the ladies, when he’s loving the ladies.

And yes, duritos fucking rock. Imma go get some now.

oh man, I think I’m gonna get doritos tomorrow. Hades you should get paid for this sort of promotion!!!

Man, I was just thinking of Doritos last night! Get out of my head! >:(

I’ve been eating Doritos for the past two weeks. Shoppers had a 2 for$5 sale.

You’re eating Doritos with rubber gloves? Where the hell did you grow up, bubble boy?

Hell no. I tough out the cheese-on-fingers shit so I can eat these! Fuck rubber gloves.

You’re hardcore, man. Hardcore.

I’m not big on the chese Doritos, but I love the Cooler Ranch ones. They don’t have this problem.

Although I’m a hardcore Sour Cream & Oniond Pringles fan myself.

I lick my fingers :smiley:

Lick your fingers? Heck, I practically have to suck my fingers off to clean away all that processed cheese-like substance.

Ech. Doritos suck.

Fritos are where its at.

Fritos and goddamn Hormel chili with some sour cream, son!

Oh, and Black Pepperjack like a mothafuck.

Yeah, fritos are good, if you weigh 800 pounds and live with your Mom I guess.