Doom 3

I am surprised that it hasn’t been mentioned yet. Well, I am gonna pick up my copy soon.

I’m not sure my computer could run it. I don’t really know the system specs, so I don’t think I’ll buy it if I don’t think it’ll work. I might download it though, and if it runs and I like it I’ll go out and pick it up.

When does it come out?

Besides, I’m saving up for HL2.

Next Week, according to EB around here

Suprnova has it already

Over 50000 users are leeching from various different Doom 3 torrents at suprnova. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its supposed to be able to run on as low as a 1.3ghz system with a geforce 3 card. It has a bunch of graphical settings, low-ultra, so almost any comp can run it.

HARDocp has the system specs and benchmarks if you want to check it out and see if it will run.

OK, i just got my copy of it from Future Shop (it was sold out at EB), and it’s sweet. Seriously, if you are looking for an excuse to upgrade your PC, doom 3 should be it. Whacking zombies with a flashlight or shooting out their eyes is very satisfying. The atmosphere is really tense, and sound effects are amazing if you have a surround system. I am 1 hour into the game, and it’s great. Can’t compare it with Half-life yet. I’ll talk about it a bit more later/

I’ve heard damn good things about this game.

As though some perfect alignment of the planets, the game is coming out ON THE SAME DAY I GET OUT OF SUMMER COLLEGE! No timing is better than that! OKay, so its OFFICIAL release is the same day I get out, which is his thursday.

My comp’s ready for it, too. Radeon 9800 XT, P4 3.4 GHz, 2 gigs of ram. Yeah, I’m ready.

You can shoot out the zombie’s eyes? Awesome.

And the shotgun is awesome!

Well, I didn’t say I’d download it immediatly :stuck_out_tongue:

Although if I had left for Boston a little later (so much later so that my leaving corresponded with the release of the game), then I could have just set it to download for a week + while I was in boston. That would have ruled.

But alas.

I’m buying it once I get my new computer, because on my old one it would be impossible to run.

i’ve been playing it since last sunday. I play on Ultra Graphics ^^

With what? Deep blue?


Man, I can run it, Ive been playing for about 2 hours now, lowest settings and it’s laggy as all shit. I need a new processor…>_<

Eitherway, I’m scared… I dont want to go to bed… >_<

I’m running Doom 3 on:
AMD Athlon XP 2400+
1024 Kingston DDR 400mhz Ram
All-In-Wonder 9800 Pro

You shouldn’t run the game on ultra on those settings, you may get gorrible lag every now and then; that mode was meant for 512 MB video cards, which dont even EXIST yet. Now, its likely yours is a 128 MB card (to the best of my knowledge the only Radeon 9800 cads that are 256 MB are some pros and XTs, IIRC). But whatever the case is, I’d recommend only medium or high (depending on if the All-In-Wonder is 128 MB or 256 MB), otherwise your’ computer is wasting valuable RAM storing excess textrues that don’t fit on your video card RAM, and when it has to display said textures, it will have a horrible lag as it switches the texture from the system RAM to the Video card RAM.

Oh, and I got the game last night. The game is badass beyond belief. It actually scared me at points, and even got me to jump out of my seat at a point, too. Tis’ that good!

It’s already out here, but it costs $53. Dammit.

Dammit indeed. And curse my Ti4200. Your directx 8 effects are of no use to me.

Ionmage I know what you mean but I haven’t experienced any major lag yet, some minor slow downs but that’s it. I either play it on ultra or high.

wah, its $55 here which after tax is around 59.63 or somthing. Then again, i used gamebucks which are tax free and my 15% employee discount.

Well, I’ve seen (and tried) a bit of Doom 3 at my friends house, and it’s fscking scary.
So I’m not playing anymore. Mostly because HE has the game, not me, but also because I just don’t like games that are <I>that</I> dark and scary.

And now my friend is constantly talking about how the shadows are coming for him n stuff. So yeah, no Doom 3 for me. :stuck_out_tongue: