Doom 3

Well, Drak, your’ comp is only slightly under mine in terms of power. Half my RAM, which isnt even much of a factor for D3 as is, Almost as powerful a processor (IIRC, that Athlon XP will compete with a P4 2.4 GHz, I have a 3.4 GHz. The higher you go, the less of an effect GHz has an effect on power, so not much of a difference there), and I can’t say about the Radeon All-in-wonders, but I know they are slightly less gaming-optimized than normal radeons, especially an XT, but even then its only slightly. I might try going to Ultra tommorrow, if I get the chance.

the thing is that I disable AntiAliasing, that’s the real factor that demands alot of power… otherwise the game would lag way too much but without it I get a cool 30 frame per second even on ultra ^^

Well, Ialso run without AA, mainly since both HardOCP’s guide to running DooM 3 and Tycho of Penny Arcade said that upping resolution > AA, both visually and performancely. Tonight I try out ultra, since now that I think of it, I’ve gotten consistently good performance on high.

Edit/update: Finished today.

Glad they brought back the cyberdemon, and that he was the final boss. Dissappointed in how weak he seemed.