(Don't) hold me.

I mentioned this in the chat, and I thought other people (glompers, cuddles, hugglers, snugglers, whatever) would be intrigued. Others may be disturbed.


Sounds like fun. I dunno if i’d pay 30 bucks to cuddle when i could get a girlfriend and do it for free, but hey, sounds like a fun time.

hugglywuggles vicki just to spite the topic title.

Sounds a little weird to me. A lot of people (including myself) don’t really like being touched by complete strangers.

Worst. Idea. Ever.

Cuddle parties are intended for people who are emotionally sound.


Some people get aroused? These are some really, really lonely people. The $30 fee makes it sound vaguely like buying a lap dance.

“Hey mister. It’s $20 for a cuddle and $30 for a glomp. Throw in an extra $10 and I’ll let you fall on me. You only got ’ till the chime; better make up your mind.”

LMAO. Sounds fun.

“Everyone needs to be cuddled, especially in lonely New York.”

That made me laugh out loud. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I second CH.

Eh, it’s something for people to do. If it gives them the illusion of happiness, why stop them?

However, I dislike being touched… so I doubt that would be for me.


That article is a comedy goldmine.

Cuddle parties are intended for people who are emotionally sound

“I felt good. I had a particularly stressful week,” said the woman, who did not wish to be named.

“It’s weird, but not unusual.”

I could understand it and all, but really… This doesnt seem to REALLY be a place of gathering for emotionally sound people. It almost oozes “drama pit” at the very mention of the idea…

I remember seeing this from Maz(the cuddle party site), but it also presented that a lot of people today don’t even get the… uh… I guess daily affection or so. But, that’s what I think it had to say, and the site itself isn’t up I see. Strange, but I’m not sure why it isn’t and I’m not going to wonder.

I can understand feeling don and wanting a hug, makes a bit of sense. But from a total stranger? and paying for it? “Here’s $30, hug me?” Um… What kind of a hug is worth $30? It better be a damn cute girl for that kind of money, and I should at LEAST get a cheap grope, heck a lap dance is only $20, so it better be one HELL of a hug!

I haven’t been hugged since 2003, and I’m not a bitter spiteful angry young adult because of it.

By the way, you’re all banned, kthxbye.

But on a serious note, I can see the use of this program for the people who are all alone for years and years, unable to touch or be close to anyone. It’s kind of an overabundance of affection, and it doesn’t even need to be a sexual contact to release it, hugging a total stranger is sufficient.

True, some people who have been lacking very much in affection could find good out of those programs.

But I prefer booze anyway.

Who didn’t see this coming?

Whiskey is less expensive than a woman, as it has no upkeep cost. :ark:

Plus, instead of saying you were in a relationship and got over it, you can say you’re an alcoholic and got over it, which makes it an instant look of recognition because you got rid of something unuseful.

To do List: Hug and “Glomp” Nutty Nat. (9/11/04)

Groans wrong board CE. “Glomping”: land on top of her lick her right Cheek. I’m a bit agressive with my hugs.

Big Nutter
(Sarsicly) Tell me about it?

Win win situation, although the same recognition can happen if you have a bitchy lazy take-but-no-give girlfriend