Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut

Coming out July 23, rerelease to theaters. yaaaaaaaaay!

Oh shit are you serious?? We need to go see it at the meet.

Yes, we must watch donnie darko, but you must also all go see dodgeball. so Jing and I can go see spiderman while you watch Dodgeball. and we can also both watch Donnie Darko, cuz I wanna see it too, and jing needs to see it as well. she never seen it.

Will this has all of the official terms like Tangent and Parallel Universe and Living Receiver and stuff like that? Cuz prior to hunting around on the net, I had no idea what those things were, and stuff.

And I just bought the Donnie Darko DVD like a week ago. Nice.

Yes Eva, it does. Donnie Darko is the original Kick-Ass Fucking-Up-Time movie. :smiley:

I think that honor belongs to Back to the Future. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, Donnie Darko has Frank. You will not question Frank.

what about The Terminator, the guy goes back in time to protect this chicks unborn baby, but then becomes the father of that baby.

Nah, Bill and Ted really fucked up time. Napolean on a water slide? COme on.

Well, technically, nobody fucked anything up at all. Remember that at the end of the movie it goes back to August 2 since the tangent universe has fulfilled itself. So technically, nothing in the movie really happened in the town, except for the jet engine killing Donnie.

Um, spoiler tags?

October 2nd :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I can always remember cuz that’s my mom’s birthday.

Just saw Butterfly Effect which I enjoyed, Darko is supposed to be much better…

Personal preference. Although I like Darko, I prefer the Butterfly Effect.

I have been a big fan of Donnie Darko since it first hit DVD and I have been waiting for the DC for about 6 months heh

Well, if you’re reading a thread about a movie you should expect spoilers.


While I dig on Butterfly effect it doesn’t hold a candle to Donnie Darko imho =)

Go back to China, *****.

I’m worried about the directors cut, honestly. Based on what was in the commentary and the deleted scenes, it sounds like he wanted to make Donnie a superhero of some sort, and give him magic powers (which would explain the axe in the mongrel). I think whoever edited that movie may have saved it from the director. I think the movie was far more poignant without it being about a magical superhero, but rather being about a normal kid who experiences some f’ed up things.