Donnie Darko Music

Can anyone tell me the names of two songs from Donnie Darko? I want the nice piano song from the beginning, and the beautiful song from the end after Donnie is killed by the jet engine. Maz told me the names before, but I forget them. They’re like the best songs ever and I reeaaaallly want them!

The ending song is a remake of the song “Mad World” ((I believe it was remdone by Gary Jules, but it’s been a while)).

I cannot tell what the name of the piano song was, as I dont remember what it sounded like and can’t place a name to it.

But yes, Mad World is one of the most fucking beautiful songs in the world IMO, it makes me sad but happy at the same time. When I was going through some hard times a couple months back, that song made me cry, but I couldnt help smile listening to it…

Sorry, but I really can’t stand “Mad World” and the fact that it was #1 in the charts for christmas over here makes me hate it more. The original was so much better. The new one just sounds WAY too depressing and angsty for my taste.

I didn’t ask for your worthless opinion. I asked for the names of two songs. >>;;

Do you mean the background music when Donnie wakes up or the actual song that plays when he’s biking home? Cuz that would be The Killing Moon. I don’t know the names of the actual compositions…

The piano song from the beginning was Head Over Heels by Tear for Fears.

I’ve heard alot of people liked the original more, but I’ve not heard it yet. I really should try and find it, but I’m sure as shit not buying a CD for one song. I liked “Mad World” because of the guy’s voice. The pace and tone were indeed VERY depressing. There are those out there who need a good sad song ocasionally though. I’d much rather here somthing like Mad World than all of the drug-tokin, car-tweeking, loud-ass, money-obsessed rap shit out there. Or angry friggin metal, with a guy singing about god knows what with his hands cupped over the mic and sounds like: “OOOOHGGGGRRRMMMWAAAAAA RRRRRRROOOOMMMAAAA OOOOH WAA AH AH AH AH!” :mwahaha:

I think sad songs bring us down to the real world ocasionally. And anyway, Mad World’s message itself isnt that angsty or sad. It just sounds more depressing than it really is. :thinking:

My opinion of music is somthing most people dont like, I dont care, I prefer somthing with a good melody as apposed to an annoying singer like “who’s-a-what’s-it” from SOAD. ((I dont remember his name off the top of my head)) :hyperven:

Oh well, we answered your question Hades, for the most part, at least… I maybe shouldnt have said all this cause it’ll probably just start a music taste war…

raises white flag before anyone says anything I dont care what your tastes in music are ok? Dont try to blast me for my opinion, I dont give a shit ok? :hint:

I never got the big deal with that song. Apparently the original version sucks major ass (I have no opinion cuz I have yet to download it) but I still think that the remake wasn’t as great as everyone thinks. It’s a nice song, but no more. The lyrics aren’t very enlightening and the song itself isn’t very powerful to me.

Hades, if you didn’t want an opinion, you shouldn’t have posted a message on an online forum should you?

And yeah, I’m pretty sure the other song was Head over Heels after just watching Donnie Darko.

I havn’t seen Donny Darko, but I was sent the Gary Jules version of Mad World recently. Just now, I downloaded the original version…I must say, I am quite amazed by how radically different the pace is. I like it.

clearly you’ve only heard the radio.

I’m pretty sure you’re wrong. I wanted the soft piano song, not a rock song. I’ll try Eva’s suggestions.

I’m pretty sure it’s not Killing Moon you’re thinking of because that song doesn’t have a piano part. It’s still a great song though.

Yeah, that’s why I asked him just what part. The Killing Moon is an old 80’s song.

Well y’know, I’m pretty sure it is, since it has a piano playing throughout, and it plays at the beginning of the film. However, if I’m wrong, I’m sure you’ll let me know :slight_smile:

Nope, I’ve heard quite a bit, thats just the angry metal that sterio-typically annoys me. On a side note, I dont listen to the radio, I rarely to never hear any music on it that I enjoy. Occasionally there is one station that does trance so I do try that one from time to time.

AAAAAND, edit I noticed you like Iron Maiden, I fucking love maiden, ok? I dont consider them angry metal, they are speed metal, just like Blind Guardian and Rhapsody… Speed Metal fucking pwnz.

You’re wrong. I’ve had the song since yesterday and it’s not the one I asked for. I meant the one when he wakes up. You know, the SOFT piano-only song, not the upbeat rock song.

Yeah he’s right. A lightbulb just went on over my head. It’s definately not Head Over Heels cuz that’s the song that plays when Donnie goes to school, not when he wakes up.

Hades isn’t asking for a song at all, it’s the background music…and I can’t think of the track name.

edit: it’s Carpathian Ridge

Yeah! \m/

Well I am not sure what songs you mean exactly but I will just list the tracks for the soundtrack…

  1. Carpathian Ridge
  2. The Tangent universe
  3. The Artifact and The Living
  4. Middlesex Times
  5. Maniuplated Living
  6. Philosophy of Time Travel
  7. Liquid Spear Walts
  8. Gretchen Ross
  9. Burn it to the ground
  10. Slipping Away
  11. Rosie Darko
  12. Cellar Door
  13. Ensurance Trap
  14. Waltz in the 4th Dimension
  15. Time Travel
  16. Did you know him?
  17. Mad World
  18. Mad World (Alternate Version)

I think you want Carpathian Ridge and Mad World…