does he deserve one?

Happy birthday to Orakio! Cake and ice cream for everyone. hands out ice cream and cake to everyone

Already said it, but of course I’ll say it again. YAY FOR ORAK!!! Happy Birthday.

It’s his birthday? Wootage! hands out cookies Happy birthday man.

Hey, coookies and Ice cream is Chris-Chris’ thing. You can take doughnuts. I get muffins. Hands Orak muffins

<img src=“”> No, he doesn’t. He deserves more than one, since dying at 17 kinda sucks.

Concerning what TD just said…

What’s this foo talkin’ 'bout now?

And concerning your birthday… happy birthday, foo! I mean, sucka! I mean, Orak! :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody :slight_smile:

Now I just have to work on Get Wise in between the [insertbirthdayeventhere] and the [insertbirthdayeventhere] and the softball game.

Happy Legal da-, er, Birthday.

Happy birthday, Orak.

Congratulatioins! Have a Cheat plushie!


Wait, that’s not a plushie … Uh, hang on …

Happy Birthday again, Orakio!

Here, have this as a present… gives Orakio a golden Fabraci egg, and then hightails out of there, as sirens blare throughout the street.

Well, happy birthday, Orakio! gives Orakio absoluty NOTHING

Happy b-day, Orak.

Happy Birthday Orak!!! gives him a tickle attack, and possem on a stick, with rabies

Happy Birthday, Orakio.

yay… possem on a stick… perfect for possem pie :slight_smile:

And Chrissy, thanks for the present you sent me. :slight_smile:

Congrats, man. I would give your present, but Sabre… glares at him in the corner


Ate it! Maybe next year!

Originally posted by Tenchimaru Draconis
<img src=“”> No, he doesn’t. He deserves more than one, since dying at 17 kinda sucks.

Haw :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, dancing is fun!

does the happy birthday dance for Orakio again

Does he deserve a birthday? I think thats a silly question to ask. Anyone who lives at least one year outside the womb earns a birthday…