Does anyone remember ICQ?

I just logged on for the first time in like 4 years, maybe 5, and my friends list is still there and everything, lots of people I forgot existed (like Sapper!). But no one is online. Does anyone actually still use this thing? Haha, just curious

Yes, I do, though through my fancy XMPP-ICQ Gateway.

I remember ICQ but I don’t use it anymore. I used to talk to quite a few people from here on that. Now I just use MSN because most of the people I know offline use that. And because it works well with hotmail…

Still, it was a good method of communication. I’d use it again, but… I really don’t want to spend more time on the internet than I already do. :toast:

I don’t like using instant messengers that require you to memorize a random 10-digit number

Most of the staff will remember it. It was prettymuch required when I joined (sort of) for the first (but not best) time. I don’t really fire it up anymore.

I remember ICQ wouldn’t send an IM when you pressed enter -you had to click a send button. I preferred pressing enter.

I haven’t used an IM of any sort in about five years, with the exception of our internally developed one for work.

I remember ICQ… Lunaris was on my ICQ list. I stopped using ICQ for Trillan, then I stopped using it all together. Wow, Trillian was some trippy shit, I was always forgetting who was on what list.

Man am I just in a different generation or something?

Everyone I’ve ever known has always and still does use AIM

Or just in a different population cluster

Maybe AIM is just popular among Lincoliners in Nebraska

Irony of ironies. The China Chong doesn’t like memorizing a 10 digit number!


I remember ICQ. I have a couple of ICQ users on my AIM list. The law school buddies are moving to GChat thought.

I still use ICQ.

Worst part is I remember my user number quite well. But I also use AIM and MSN.

Geez, I remember ICQ. Sadly I can’t remember my ICQ number, pity that. I mostly use AIM now, with some MSN on the side.

I totally remember ICQ, because it was what we all used the first time we tried to organize a online RPGC AD&D campaign. That was why I originally downloaded it. Of the regulars here, I think Spoonybard is the only who would probably remember that. Oh, and Zero too - they both eventually formed their own campaigns, I think.

I used to use ICQ, but most of my friends in college used AIM, and that resulted in my eventual 100% migration. Actually, just blame Sin since he was the last person I talked to on it, and he has no time for me with his medical experiments. :smiley:

I prefer ICQ way over anything. However

  1. I hardly ever use IM programs, and

  2. I don’t use ICQ anymore, because all my lame friends prefer AIM and MSN.

But seriously, if I had my way, I’d tell AIM and MSN (ESPECIALLY AIM, I fucking hate AIM) to suck it, and I’d be chillin’ on ICQ. 58500174, I didn’t even have to look that up, and I haven’t used ICQ since like 2003-2004. ICQ4LYF! yea YEA

Well, I don’t remember all of my number, and I don’t think mine was 10 digits.

Damn, I did remember my number… and it was 7 digits. Wow.

Well, most of the people I know use AIM, but I absolutely refuse to use AIM, so I have an ICQ number to communicate with them. It all looks the same through Pidgin though :slight_smile:


I still log on every day. I feel lonely.