Does Anyone Remember FF7?

…well I just started playing this game for the first time…and I have to say it is really good, even though it’s an older game now.

But, can someone help me out here :frowning:

I got the level 4 Limit Break Manuals for 2 characters (Red XIII and Aeris), and I have all their other limit breaks.

Red XIII has Lvl 1-3. All 6 pre-req’s, same with Aeris.

When I try to go into the Item menu to use the manual on them. They keep saying, “I dont get it” etc.

As I said, I am not missing any limits from levels 1 to 3 and all there is is Lvl 4 yet…

Am I missing something here?

Would mean a lot if anyone can help me along here.


I found this on a FAQ

Glitch N2) The second occurrence of the glitch can be even more frustrating. Have you ever learned all of a character’s limits except the last one and then tried to use his/her manual but the game still won’t let you learn the level 4 limit?

Well that would be the glitch coming into play again. Once again I haven’t had
this happen to me, but I know a few people who have, and by all reports they’ve
never found a way to fix the problem short of starting a new game. Basically
you just have to start all over or just keep playing without use of the level 4
limit for the character(s) that this happens to.

And yes, Jesus Christ, we ALL remember FF7. NOBODY is EVER going to forget FF7, mainly thanks to sword-phallus compensation running jokes and Seph’s fanboys.

That’s a pretty fucking stupid question. That’s like asking "Hey, does anybody remember Yugioh?

I am proud to be one of the first people I know of to make those jokes-- I started before the games even came out.

Also, I will remember dear Sephy much longer for his fangirls, the ones who (at my local anime convention), drowned all noise in the videogame room with a sadistically sung rendition of The One Winged Angel (final boss music from FF7).

As for your question, Caesu, I think SE is correct in that.

Wow, you guys sure are 1337.

Nice way to make first impression of the site guys. There is no reason to jump on him. Besides, it’s his first time playing the game. As for the question, it’s been awhile since I’ve played the game and don’t quite remember how the limtis work. Sorry. Keep posting here though Caesu, these guys are just being a bunch of jackasses.

The only one even remotely “jumping on him” is DR, my comment wasn’t meant as an insult and Arac didn’t even address him.

I half got the impression it was a sarcastic question, but since he’s new and it’s his first play, I’m not sure anymore.

Well, c’mon, Square’s got like 5 projects based around FFVII, so at this point it’s completely impossible to forget. If they left it alone, then it would be different.

You’re not missing out on anything, really. Red’s Lv4 limit kind of sucks. Get him strong enough and you’ll deal more damage with Earth Rave. But Cosmo Memory does look awesome.

For future referance, the same thing applies to Yuffie. All Creation looks pretty cool, but Doom of the Living does loads more damage.

But it also means he won’t be able to use Omnislash.

It’s alright. I didn’t mean to offend really. I’m very new to the whole FF scene here. FF7 being my first one ever. I didn’t know there were other FF7 offshoots and whatnot either!

Oh, I’ll just put it this way. Why on earth did I level Aeris so much…:o Man, that was pretty sad what happened. ><

Anyways, I can see why this is all so addicting.

Thanks for the answer to my problem. Kinda sucks I got that glitch though!


Check around this forum if you want to know more, there are three or four threads dedicated to the spinoffs. They are “Advent Children” which is a movie, a PS2 first-person shooter starring Vincent called “Dirge of Cerberus”, a cellphone game (I’m not kidding) pre-quel starring the Turks called “Before Crisis” and a PSP game nobody knows shit about called “Crisis Core”.

AERIS DIES!!!:smiley:

That was my happiest moment in gaming. Ever. Then again, I harbour an unjustified and bizarrely passionate hatred of Aeris, so… anyway, I’d recommend avoiding Red XIII in general, because you can generally get everything he does better from someone else.

I don’t even know why would someone bother using anyone else besides Cid, Vincent and Cloud.

I hated Aeris too. I liked Tifa much more, but even she got on my nerves. Don’t even get me started on Yuffie. But yeah, Aeris, was the worst. I couldn’t wait to rid my party of her. She’s just useless.

Because Cid’s stats are mediocre and Vincent is all-around the worst PC in the game?

Actually, that was my click, too, but Vincent’s name would be replaced by Barret.

And that glitch that was being talked about happened to me the first time I played FF7 also. But I didn’t restart the game because of it. I just somehow miraculously beat the game without Lv 4 Limits.

And about the FF7 ladies. The only one I like is Tifa. She has a decent weapon and I was really good at executing her limit breaks, and she has big boobies so that scores more points for her in my book. Yuffie steals my materia so I automatically hate her. And Aeris…well…dies…and has shitty weapons.

Shit, I have to be at work in 7 hours. What the hell am I doing. I need to go to bed.

Cloud Tifa and whoever else I felt like using at the time for me. Vincent and Barret more than anyone else though, I guess. Anyway, glad to see you posted some more. Keep it up.
And yes, Aeris dies, we get it already! It’s like caring about Bambi’s mother when the animators stopped drawing her!
Alright, I felt sad both times. Sue me.
And actually Eva, I quite like Yuffie for some reason.

What’s with people hating Yuffie just because the Materia stealing? It’s just one fricking side-quest that’s neither hard nor long and you can avoid it if you want. It’d be like hating Locke just because he makes you go trough the Phoenix cave.

An Vincent may not be all that great but… c’mon, just look at him, he’s too badass to leave out.