does anyone fell sorry for Sephiroth?

he was driven insane after he found out how he was created, and it was Hojo that created him?
so the way I see it Hojo is the REAL villian

No, I don’t “fell” sorry for Sephiroth.

Hehe, beat me to it : . On topic, I don’t feel sorry for him. He did try to destroy the world, because he’s a momma’s boy >_>.

Is this something to bring up almost 10 years after the game came out?

I dont feel sorry for him. I feel sorry that poor <–/--> Materia. Who actually used it?

I pitied Sephiroth at the end. Such a strong, proud man, brought down by delusions. And at the end, when all his plans and power had been destroyed, he was defeated in his greatest skil, his swordsmanship. Such a sad creature…

Ya I do!..naaa no I don’t. Man Sephiroth had so many problems he seems like a very whinny emo chick.

He’s a badass whiny emo chick: “Hey you dont know what its like to be a clone!Or evil! Im going to cut my self! Waaah!” (wuss)

Sepheroth was just my role model, and guidence in everything I do actually. ( mostly evil )

Sephiroth was never really developed as a character, let alone his descent into insanity sufficiently depicted. He’s probably one of the weakest developed characters in FF7. He’s already cold and cruel when we first meet him; and its unbelievable how he decides to destroy the planet because he discovers he was grown in a tank. We don’t really care when it happens because he already seemed like a bad guy.

All this is ironic of course because Sephiroth is considered one of the best villains in the Final Fantasy series.

Kefka:Mad With Style ™

well play he game again and you will see in Clouds story why he wanted to destroy the world, yes he does seem cold and distant at the begining but not entirely cruel, his motivations to destroy the world made much more sense than Kefka who just loved destruction, destruction, destruction, and for a personal hobby massive destruction

I feel more sorry for Sephiroth than I would ever feel sorry for Kefka.

That pot smoking reject of a blonde goth circus clown (Kefka, cuss he looks like one) was way more detestable than Sephiroth.

Nah, Sephiroth’s motivation was pretty lame and typical - become a god. Villains who are obsessed with power are boring.

Kefka was more interesting because he enjoyed destruction for its own sake. Also, in the end he reveals he was trying to prove a philosophical point - that life has no meaning etc. He was the more fascinating villain.

If Kefka was more detestable he did something right :wink: at least in the rpg universe where conflict of interest is still largely unexploited. Sephiroth didn’t seem to me to be remotely close to being 3-D, so between two 2D villains I choose the one who has more style. You son of a submariner:mwahaha:

Kefka was only one of three villains that I know of that actually ruined his world. It was him, X-Death, and Ultimicia, and of the three, Kefka was actually the extreme closest to blowing up the world.

Well, Exdeath didn’t do that bad either. I mean, how much of the world did he suck into nothingness? :stuck_out_tongue:

By the time you actually fight him I think the only place left was Mirage, which got frozen in time the moment you walk through it in the Cleft of Dimension.

Sephiroth came damn close but got stopped, right?

Pro-tip: Multishot > One-shot kill

A few hundred thousand nuclear missiles would be a lot harder to stop than Meteor, I imagine.

No, ex-death just kinda merged the two worlds into one, kinda a lame way to cause chaos. And Ultimicia was beat BEFORE the time merge thingiie

Not so, from what I know you went through time compression to get to Ultimicia’s time and defeat her, so it was after.

Umm, yes, he did. What did you think those giant black holes in the ground were?

It was starting, but it didn’t actually come until her defeat. She says as you face her finale form, “Time WILL compress” which meant it hadn’t fully done it yet." It finished doing so during that flash of light, where they were all running around in the white area.

No you misunderstood me, or I you. EX-Death didn’t really destroy his world, not like Kefka did, though he did take out a sizable bits and pieces of it, as the heroes said, that this or that was gone now.

True enough. Kefka did more damage in the end because his actions affected the entire world and not just bits and pieces.

Although, sucking random towns into a void of nothingness has got to be pretty worrying :stuck_out_tongue: