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We are in the trust nest right? k. I am not fond of Orak. I think he’s a liar and a cheat. (maybe not a cheat, but don’t the two go together like JLo and her 1st husband?)

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Funny, why did I make this thread because of him doing it in the chat then?

You missed my point. I’m saying that Steve would say the same thing in front of his face, if he was there. :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way I would just like to point out that I sent no one e-mails. And Shin, please show me examples of him lying.

and Seph, i’m sorry, but i don’t think we can continue our GB relationship.

Fine you want to do that okay, but that’s childish.

NO ITS NOT!!! kicks Seph in the shin

is kicked ;_;

Originally posted by Sephiroth Hayes
please show me examples of him lying.

(after you read every single post in this- THEN pick a side- or don’t pick a side at all, which might be better)

What is this? An open opportunity to bash Orakio? Gladly.

So what do I think is wrong with Orakio? Well, let me list the ways:

  1. I think your website sucks. Get Wise is a massivly unfunny FARTs rip off.

  2. I despise your holier than thou attitude. While yea, you are holier than I am, the attitude which you cart around with you like a suitcase full of money is despicable. In your mind, nobody here is as good as you at anything. You are a master at everything, and your ego could fill the evolutionary gap. You try to shove your beliefs in our faces (Bible quote of the day), and when we refute them you give us some cock and bullshit about you knowing your right regardless of what anyone else says.

  3. Go away already. Not only have you done the impossible and actually died for 2 hours and then magically come back to life, but you said you were leaving RPGC. Go away, outside your 3 people fan base that probably consists of your obscene amount of sprite reskins, nobody likes you or your craptastic sub site. People here with actual brains don’t fall into your self absorbed nonsense.

Overall, I think you’re trash. In every sense of the word. Self absorbed, crazy in the brain, bible humping trash. You try to stir up pity for yourself by feeding us nonsense about your hot flashes that probably came from a wack in the back of the head by a derranged and disgruntled reskinned Ryu sprite, to you and your retarded split personality crap. [u]IT IS 100% IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANY HUMAN BEING TO DIE AND AFTER A PERIOD OF 2 HOURS RETURN TO LIFE[/u]. After 15 minutes your body already starts to decompose! After 2 hours you would already begin to smell. Dipshit. I can’t believe people fall into your bullshit. Please, Gannon? After Rulakir you figured out how to try and fool people in a less belivable, but being Orakio, you fucked it up because you’re just plain stupid.

I didn’t even go into how your fitness plan failed like hell. You’re still in the basement pumping out shrines. I mean what the hell? All you must do all day is make shrines for this website, talk to your e-girlfriend, read the bible and go to church.

By the way, Steve has a few words for you as well. How about you drop by #rpgclassics and say hi?

I think everyone should mind their own affairs. If someone doesn’t like Orakio and wants the world to know, let them tell the world. If you don’t like to listen to it, then ignore them.

Orakio- I just want you to know that Seph is taking this WAY out of proportion. :stuck_out_tongue:

He probably is, but he’s trying to be a friend to me.

ah good… at least you said it to my face sorc and not behind my back… but alas we are all entitled to our opinions

Think of me as trash all you want. Hell everyone here can think of me as trash for all I care. Because to tell you the truth the feeling is mutual, buster.

Orakio, you’re a hundred times the trash I’ll ever be.

mmm, but see, the thing is., i’d like the Orakio trash to be complete with trashbag…


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But seriously, my imput.
Holy hell. This is blown way out of proportion…

Seph it was incredibly stupid to make a thread such as this even if you made it with the best intentions for Eric.
And everyone else is right, people will talk and bitch, but in such a way, this is not entirely fair. And all this bullshit about courage is exactly what I say-bullshit. It’s a fucking chat and message board. Anyone can and will say what they want.

Of course they SHOULD stop, but they won’t. It’s become a damn dinner topic. Shows how great people are… Regardless, this thinly veiled jab at those people is just as bad.

Yeah, well… I’m Steve, so HELL YEAH!!!

Read the the thing about the coma Cyber, and that made nothing clearer. Last post is of Merlin saying ‘I hope he gets better.’ I still fail to see how that is lying.

Then you obviously believe that he died for 2 hours and came back to life?

Where does it say that? (If it does and I haven’t read thouroughly enough then fair enough.)