Do you like flying on a Griffon? I do.

And so my journey continues, into the Dwarven lands… :slight_smile:

But, “How will you get there?”, you ask? Simple friends. The aviation centre for Griffon taxi services is at every major city to help you out!

Over the trees and away from danger, wherever your destination, we’ll get you there.

Sight seeing while traveling via Griffon reminds me of Pokemon Snap, because I take SOOO many screenshots… :slight_smile: Whats that? Orc structures… Oh noes!

I just wonder where Sarumon is… O_O

Wow, the vile rituals that must be taking place…

Past the evil orcish encampments we find the winter wonderland of the dwarves.

Technology of the dwarves and gnomes is very impressive…

My friend Solmondar is a human who left Stormwind (human city) and now lives in IronForge (dwarven city) because he likes metal working… And women with beards.

I only do it because it makes me popular… >_>

I don’t know if this is the right forum for this. I think you should post it in the PC games forum, so I’m moving this thread.

I STILL don’t see what’s different about this than most of the other fantasy MMOs on the market other than the WC3 theme. CoH was different because there has never BEEN an MMO set in a giant city before. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I probably won’t get it. I’ve come to accept that there’s an inevitable feeling of an MMO growing old, and I’m saving for Half Life 2 anyway.

EDIT: And this was my opinion only, since a few people bitched at me about it. Meh.

i dont see why you people think that every new mmorpg needs some gimmick. as it happens, wow is the best mmorpg ive yet played, even in its beta release. it is well designed. something you cant say for too many, if any, other mmorpgs.

I feel the same way. I wish you all would get over this “Make somthing new!” crap and just realize that they have YET to make something GOOD of what exists. Blizzard changes that with WoW. This game IS a regular fantasy MMO, but it is SOLID and well designed with lots of options and most of all, its FUN.

Quit expecting so much when there isnt enough foundation to build upon.

How can you say you feel the same way? This entire thread is based on an MMORPG’s gimmick.

Star Wars Galaxies was also fun for the first week. It’ll get old after half a year max. It took me three months to get tired of City of Heroes. Really, you can input as many options as you want but no matter you do it’s always a leveling treadmill. You’re getting your hopes up way too much.

Dwarf women don’t have beards in the Warcraft setting as far as I know.
They do in Middle Earth, Discworld and some interpretations of the Forgotten Realms.


Seriously, just because you can fly on a griffon, it doesn’t mean it’s a good game. What happened to y’know, WALKING? Just because you have an extra feature which enables you to fly to different places (OMG :O) it doesn’t mean that it can make up for other flaws.

Also, being well-designed doesn’t make a game good. Being FUN and ENJOYABLE makes a game good. Being well-designed does help in the gameplay, but I’d rather play Lemmings which was fucking simple yet OH-SO-MUCH fun than a online game where you sit there for hours to go up a level so that you can get the sword of murder +2 and defeat the evil green slime so you can beat the quest to give the old man some green jello. WTF IS THE FUN IN THAT? Extra options in a game just hides the fact that the developers couldn’t be bothered to think up GOOD IDEAS so that people playing it didn’t have to.

God I hate the chat, you people rile me up.

I also wanted to add…lots of options? Whoop dee do. SWG has more options than a goddamn air traffic controller.

I’d also like to add to what Urkani said, Izlude1984, by calling your mother a whore.

Wow, its like you people are attacking things based on somthing that youve not come in contact with yet. Plus it seems like your angst is making it impossible for you to imagine for just 5 seconds that this game may possibly be as good as someone who is actually playing it says. But I’ll forgive your cheap insults that only seem to be founded upon bad experiences in other MMORPGs or the fact that you just felt like being an ass. And as for Badly drawn anime face girl, yes, your right this thread is based upon a “gimmick” or one of the many friggin cool things that I thought someone in an RPG thread MAY have some intrest in. I guess I was wrong. And yes, I know the dwarf women have no beards. It was a joke. (they should have them though)

So, instead of whaling about crap that you all havent played, why the hell can’t you just take what I’m doing at face value and try to imagine for just 3 seconds (5 may be to much for some angsty teens) that the game has potential and that Blizzard may do somthing right. (cause thats never happened before sarcasm)

Well, you can’t really expect people to be impressed by flying in a video game nowadays. When Star Fox came out in 1993, that’s when you could impress people by flying in a video game. I have nothing against WoW, but if you want to show it off, you should find something impressive or innovative, not something so “eleven years ago”.

(I know Pilotwings preceded Star Fox, but oh well. Star Fox made it cool.)

ok, heres how it stands, World of Warcraft is a MMORPG. The market of today has proven that ALOT of the people who play MMORPGs like the formula of: “Get levels, collect items, get stronger, get better items, rinse and repeat.”
The thing is, alot of other people find that to be boring. Now, to say that a game isnt good because it has alot of options (as stated by Urkani and OFX) should really be reworded into this: “Games that have lots of options that arent well developed and are boring… make a sucky game.” Because really, SWG’s options were terrible even though there were tons of them.

So, putting aside Blizzard. Putting aside gimmicks, lets look at what WoW has done for me (and other players) so far. It has offered 8 playable races, each very different from the last as far as stats and more importantly very different cultures to grow up in. Classes of varying play types to keep you entertained for at least several months, I know that’s common to some of you. But still, its there. Music, I don’t even have to explain this one, its too good for words.

Atmosphere- The happy places in WoW are so very happy. I love the woods, the towns, the snow… It makes me think of gumdrops and bunny rabbits… But then I played an undead… and “The Undercity” is just plain out, fucking scarry. The dramatic climate changes from culture to culture really does give you a sense of vastness to this world.

There’s no loading times between “zones” because there are no zones. Everything loads as you get to it so you can literally walk from one side of the continent to the other without being pulled out of your character to stare at a “Now Loading” screen.

Now maybe I’m the type of person to get drawn in to MMORPGs a little more than some others. But the way I feel is this, MMOs arent for everyone. People complain about things that they want that arent part of that type of game. I’m sorry if you don’t like this game but really, its your loss.

As a final note, to adress the comments made by Urkani: Listen, there is more to SOME mmorpgs than just the powerleveling part. However, some people will keep doing that as long as leveling up is part of it. Do you ridicule people for leveling up thier ubar characters in Final Fantasy games? I personally play MMORPGs for the role playing aspect. Think of it as a D&D session that you can play from the compfort of your own home without a bunch of sweaty geeks screaming about mountain dew. I have friends (IRL) that play with me and we roleplay our characters. Oh wow! I’m not a powergamer, ooooh noes you insulted somthing that has nothing to do with me. Moving on.

“Extra options in a game just hides the fact that the developers couldn’t be bothered to think up GOOD IDEAS so that people playing it didn’t have to.”
You know, thats my new fave retard quote of the year. So what your saying is that, gaming companies… that offer extra features to flesh out a game and make it MORE appealing than just level grinding… are lazy? Or wait no… Maybe that they can’t think up good ideas? Hmm, well I certainly feel better about the way the gaming industry works knowing that its just full of bullshit. Congradulations, you made a dumbass comment!

Just for the record: I have absolutely nothing to do with either Urk or OFX.

Wow, I thought you would respond to Urk in a mature debatable way! My mistake I suppose.

Our problem isn’t angst, it’s that you’re running your mouth off about something we’re all well aware of. There about 20 pages of WoW screenshots on Gamespot, you do not have to bring them to us. Nor do you have to tell us how positively wonderful the game is in MULTIPLE THREADS. Go back to playing your precious WoW and stop bitching at people.

Holy shit, eight classes? In an MMORPG!? THAT’S SO AMAZING! Jesus Christ, SWG ALSO had that many character classes, it doesn’t make a game revolutionary. As for culture, you apparently have played no other MMO, because, frankly, even Dark Age of Camelot has climate and culture changes.

“I’m sorry if you don’t like this game but really, its your loss.”

That’s really funny, especially since you accused Urk of making a retarded statement. You seen to think your opinion is always right, and everyone who doesn’t like WoW is an inferior being. Well, I have news for you: Different people like different games. I’m not saying WoW is bad; hell, it’s probably awesome. My point is that nobody cares about screenshots. You’re making yourself look like a complete Blizzard fanboy (they do everything right, they never make a single mistake, etc.). So it’s Urk’s loss for not liking a game that he just might not be interested in? Stop preaching about it and stop talking out of your ass, fanboy.

Especially OFX.

You mock me, TD. :confused: