Dissidia: Coming in August

For the English Trailer, see “Developing Dissida Details”

FF1 Battle

Warrior of Light: Grant George (Izuru Kira, Bleach)
Garland: Christopher Sabat* (Piccolo, Dragonball series)

  • Ironically, Garland and FMA’s Major Armstrong share VAs in both versions. That’s the fourth time SE pulled a stunt like that, the four three in the Kingdom Hearts series.

FF2 Battle

Firion: Johnny Yong Bosch (Ichigo, Bleach)
The Emperor: Christopher Corey Smith (Kittan Bachika, Gurren Legan)


FF3 Battle

Onion Knight: Aaron Spann (Littlefoot, recent Land Before Time movies)
Cloud of Darkness: Laura Bailey (Lust, Fullmetal Alchemist)

FF4 Battle

Cecil: Yuri Lowenthal
Golbez: Anthony Landor (credited as Peter Beckman)

FF5 Battle

Bartz Klauser: Jason Spisak (Kyo, Zatch Bell)
Exdeath: Gerald C. Rivers


FF6 Battle

Terra Branford: Natalie Lander
Kefka: Dave Wittenberg (Yazoo, FF7 AC; Kakashi, Naruto; Solomon, Blood+; ETC.)


FF7 Battle: This is how they should had ended FF7’s final battle sequence.

Cloud: Steve Burton
Sephiroth: George Newbern


FF8 Battle: Now “Leon” should had that look and those moves in the the 1st Kingdom Hearts game.

Squall: Doug Erholtz (KH2)
Ultmecia: Tasia Valenza (Sniper Wolf, Metal Gear Solid)


FF9 Battle:

Zidane: Bryce Papenbrook (Jack, MAR)
Kuja: JD Cullum


FFX: Now this is a fight they should had used in the FF game before the Final Aeon brawl.

Tidus: James Arnold Talyor
Jecht: Greg Berger


FFXI vs. Ivalice series

Shantotto: Candi Milo (Pacce, Lucil and Donna, FFX series)
Gabranth: Keith Ferguson (Basch, FFXII)


Cosmos and Chaos

Cosmos: Veronica Talyor (Ash, 4Kids Pokemon) [credited as “Kathleen McInerney”]
Chaos: Keith David (Council Member 1, FF Spirits Within; Goliath, Gargolyes; Spawn)

Half way home with the cast and game pairings!

Some thoughts:

-some of the dialogue is overwrought and ridiculous; I’m thinking of Cecil’s monologue about the Light and Darkness… makes me embarassed to consider buying it

-I like how they recreated the interior of Garland’s palace from the original NES game; it matches up well

-I don’t like the battle environment for FF5… reminds me too much of Super Mario 64(not that Super Mario 64 is bad, but I don’t like using the environs outside the castle as the fighting area for FF5)…

You don’t like the N-Zone Curtis?

That said I didn’t know that they had both boss themes from FFVI. 0.o

My two complaints about the voices is that they should’ve gotten David Bowie to voice the Emperor and Mark Hamil for Kefka (although the current guy isn’t bad either). Also I find it odd that Cecil’s voice doesn’t change when he switches from Dark Knight to Paladin.

I guess I don’t. It looks too much like the area outside the castle in the Super Mario 64. Shouldn’t a battle arena be more menacing?

The cast for the game is offical, with Chaos getting one of the biggest VAs around to be voiced by.

The game’s finished. I believe the release date is next week. Got mine preordered. 8D

And who might that be.

Dragons Revenge: Look at the first post for the answer, especially with the last entry.

That’s a big name? Never heard of him.

Dragons Revenge: check again.

Oh. Still wouldnt call him a big name. Mark Hamil, Don Messick, Crispin Freeman, Robbie Benson, Nancy Cartwright (The whole simpsons cast for that matter), Frank Welker, Christie Cavanaugh…those are big names.

Who is Mark Hamill voicing??

Dragons Revenge: The only guy I recognized as big names are Frank Welker, Mark Hamil and the late Don Messick.

Curtis: Nobody. Check the cast in the first post.

Also, the complete cast is gathered with cutscenes and battles available.

Is this only for PSP? Comon!! This is crazy… whoever made handheld gaming should be shot! I will never play this game , or any other game on a handheld… it feels weird to play a game completely shut uff from other people… even a computer can be watched by other people…

Handhelds should only get dumbed down versions of console releases… I will never play Revenant Wings because of these blights on the land!

Weigraf: Actually you can play against others I believe.

Weigraf, Tetris. Even personal preference must bow to Tetris.

Its a little different for me cause I play with people in the same house…

I don’t have to buy several Xbox360s to play two player.

You don’t need to buy several handhelds to play two player either.

I finally started playing this… it’s pretty neat, though I spent way too much time in tutorial-land. For someone who hasn’t picked up a fighter in about eight years, I fully expect to have my ass handed to me very fast.

Cecil is supposedly the easiest story, but I don’t like him very much so far. No real long-range attacks, and short-range is dangerous and easy to get off-balance. His aerial attacks have little range, too. Well… I’m only level 4, hopefully I’ll get better skills as time goes on. :sunglasses:

The tutorials are neat, all of them are “given” by different FF characters from the various games, many of whom shout at each other. 8p (Really it’s just a character portrait at the top left, but it’s in their dialogue style, so it’s funny.)