Did anyone ever use the "Notes" pages in the back of gaming manuals?

Oh, don’t act like you don’t know.

I’m talking about the old Sega/SNES and such games (and new ones) where in the back of the instruction booklet there’s a few pages or so labeled “Notes.” Anyone really use them?

Just a passing thought. I’ve had my fair share of traded in and used games. Never once saw anything scribbled down on it.

I used the one for GoldenEye to write the cheats in. That’s the only time, and it wasn’t even me who did it; it was my brother.

Nope, not ever.

Never. Who wants to ruin their manuals? >_> It’s not like paper is hard to find.
Even newer games have those notes pages (especially handhelds).

I remember writing down a few Megaman codes to their respective manuals, but that’s about it. I used to draw zelda maps and stuff into notebooks and call them the ultimate gaming treasures… only to notice I missed like 2 hearts in the overworld and such… and the money caves… and… y’know, kid stuff you miss.

I bought Megaman X used when I first got it way back when, and the previous owner had written all the boss weaknesses down in that notes section. Though he got a couple of them wrong, I think.

That said, I’ve never used it.

I did with only one game…Ecco the Dolphin. After I beat a level I’d write the code down for the next one. I had horrible handwriting back then. ._ .

I think I used the Lufia one to write down the usage of the cidars.

I’ve never used them either. If I needed to write something for a game down, I’d just grab the nearest piece of paper. 0_o

It’s been so long since I’ve asked myself if anyone used those. Thanks for making the thread. I never found a use for them.

Back in SNES times games weren’t all sold with their manuals here. That reduced costs or something. So I only had the manuals for a couple of games, and never bothered reading because back then I didn’t speak English yet.

Everybody I know who has uber drawing skills has some unreadable handwriting. I keep telling one of my coworkers he should draw the letters instead of writing them.

Nah, never used them.

While I sadly admit to using the instruction booklets themselves as doodle paper (I couldn’t help it! That map of the Super Mario World was just too beautiful and intricate ;_; and I was 8 and so ashamed of myself) I never used the notes pages.

I only used them for SNES games to write down Game Genie codes so I didn’t have to keep looking them up.

I used 'em for passwords in “Tails Adventure”, a Game Gear game in which you played as Miles “Tails” Prower, Sonic’s two-tailed sidekick fox, who had is own island; the plot of the game was that it was invaded by evil birds in mechas, which he fought against using explosives, a remote-controlled robot, and the Sea Fox, an armed submarine he got in Sonic Triple Trouble. (In retrospect: “wait, what?”)

This is exactly what I thought

Sure did. I still use the 99 lives code that I scribbled in the manual when I was ~10 whenever I pop X-Men 2 Clone Wars in my Genesis.

In RPGs wherein one chooses a class and options, I pick those in advance and write them down there. I think the Elder Scrolls games are about the only place I did it.
Oh, and I once wrote a person an actual note on one, since I didn’t have any other paper handy and it was very important.

I never used those pages, had a separate notebook for that where I wrote item combinations and such.

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