Diablo III?


Blizzard has put up a variety of “splash” screens which are of something breaking through ice. The official announcement comes on Saturday, but there are some runes (or something) that you can see in the image.

omgz d3 orgasm

Maybe it won’t be plagued by overwhelmingly strong magic and almost-useless melee, rushing, twinking, lag, and godly equipment :smiley: Maybe it’ll force you to actually use strategy instead of just figuring out which skill does the most damage and then using it exclusively :smiley:

Or maybe not :frowning:

Maybe the Diablo fans are being a /bit/ too hopeful…

Seriously, I’d LOVE to see DIII, but I’m not expecting it at all. Especially not with them already developing WoTLK and SCII right now. Even if they do announce DIII now it won’t be out till, when, 2010? 2011?

There is going to be a D3, its just a question of time. What I REALLY wonder is what it will be like. I see WoW as the natural evolution of Diablo in terms of quests, ability trees and itemization. Will D3 be a single / multiplayer mix? What will the interface be like? Will they adopt one similar to WoW or keep point and click 3rd person? What about the pace of the game?

A lot of people have thrown hypotheses about these screens sorc mentioned. I think Blizzard is fucking with people’s heads. It could mean things related to SC2, D3 and WotLK. Personally I’m most curious about how several retailers think SC2 will be out around December 3rd. If that’s true, Blizz will very soon begin a public beta to be able to make it on time for the Holidays and there is no better time for a public beta than the summer, while everyone is on vacation.

Heck, it could be all three, in the form of a new community service similar to Steam.

I’ll skip the theories and guesses and just wait till saturday.

Oh I expect a DIII eventually, absolutely. I’m just skeptical it will be announced in the near future.

WoW does indeed feel like an evolution of DII, but a lot… slower. The Retronauts podcast on Diablo covered this, and I basically agree with them. Having to make it an MMO they naturally had to stretch out the overall experience until it was paper thin. The overall drop-rate of random lootz is much lower in WoW than it was in DII.

If DIII would come out in the near future, I highly doubt it’d be an MMO while they’re still working on WoW. Not the smartest thing to compete with your own top product.

Maybe it’ll force you to actually use strategy


Right - hack n slash. Not frozen orb every two seconds.

overpowered magic lawl

I can’t wait!

oh man i hope it’s lost vikings 2

Originally Posted by Cless Alvein
oh man i hope it’s lost vikings 3

Fixed for you.

Right - hack n slash. Not frozen orb every two seconds.

Perhaps they’ll have a frozen orb that slashes enemies in the new version?

Perhaps they’ll have a sword that actually slashes enemies.

Maybe you’ll be able to attack and run at the same time so you can actually hit shit that moves if you’re faster than it, the same way you’d be able to in, you know, real life.

Maybe they won’t have auto-screen-clearing spells like FO and CL at all.

Maybe a 95% hit rate will let you hit more than 60% of the time.


But I wouldn’t bet on it. It’s diablo.

God you reminded me of how much I hate the hit (and armor) system in diablo.

The armor system is hilariously unbalanced.

If you don’t have Holy Shield or Shout, you can ignore armor class because it’s never going to save you, ever.

If you do, chances are you’re never going to die, ever.

If you’re a sorc or an assassin, your defense boosting skills only raise your AC by about 100%, even at level 20, and if you’re a sorc or an assassin, your AC isn’t going to be very high to begin with.

No matter who you pick, you’re always either invncible or dead. I guess that’s why barbs can’t really do any damage. They’d be overpowered if they could also kill.

The new picture has eyes and reminds me of Tyreal.

Reminds me much more of a templar than anything in diablo to be honest

Yeah, I meant Tassadar, not Tyreal.

Blizzard fighting game.

edit: That sounds dirty.

You guys remind me about how little you know about Diablo. Diablo II anyway.