Developing Dissida Details

As seen here.

For those of you too lazy to click on a link basically the confirmed roster has been expanded to a total of 12 since the last update and now includes the main heroes and villains from FF’s I, II, & VII-X.

There’s also a brief description of how the combat is suppose to work in this fighting game. With two separate stats measuring the current condition of each combatant HP (i.e. how long the character has left to stay in the fight) and Brave (i.e. determines how much damage the next attack does but is drained in the process of using said attack) which of course separates attacks and abilities into two different categories for dealing with either brave or hp. As for my two cents on this system, while not a regular fighting connoisseur, frankly doesn’t grip me as efficient or effective, and seems to me that it simply bogs down what is otherwise a tried and true formula. But to try is to know, and given the whole epicness the series proper is known for this might actually work in this case.

There is also a third Ex Gauge (which I failed to notice the first time reading through) which builds up during battle which allows transformation and the use of special moves.

Information regurgitation and thoughts aside, I still have a few questions left unanswered that I’d like to turn into points of discussion.

My biggest one is whether or not anyone from FF’s XI and XII will be showing up for this smackdown? Which frankly I think they could go either way with this one since if they include a hero/villain from FF’s III-VI will leave the game with a roster of 20 fighters (which is alot by fighting standards) and could make things messy. On the other hand though I have yet to see footage of either two heroes or villains fighting it out yet which brings up yet another question I have of this game.

Which is whether or not two heroes/villains can duke it out in this game? Which in my opinion they should since I would assume that one of the biggest draws would be to see Cloud pitted against Squall or Kefka vs. everyone (since he’s just that awesomely insane). Frankly though I feel as if they might (more in line with character alignment logically speaking plus movepools may have been aligned with that in mind) which means that a cast of 20 would limit the choice of opponents down to a given 10 which is a rather scant number.

And does that Transformation afflict all of the characters or only those heroes/villains who’ve displayed that ability in the past? My guess is that it may come down to something like a limitbreak mode or something unless it really does include a character changing forms which I doubt since even though most of the villains changed their form at least once in the past not all of the heroes have (especially a character like Squall who’s only ever changed his weapon unless they’re counting those Laguna sequences but that’s just silly).

And for good measure I might as well throw in my two cents on the matter of remaining character speculation:

FF III: Onion Kid/Luneth vs. Xande/Cloud of Darkness. If that bit about character transformation is true then on the hero side it’s going to be Luneth who can change into an Onion Knight though this doesn’t help either of the villains, but if it came down to it I’d rather have CoD for some added variety.

FF IV: Cecil vs. Golbez/Zemus/Zeromus. Thanks to Kuja (for being a story relevant penultimate villain) and Ultimeica (for being a relatively irrelevant ultimate villain seriously between her, Seifer, and Adel they had to choose her hell even Edea would’ve been better) Golbez’s chances aren’t looking to good since even though he is Cecil’s brother (half-brother?) and the primary antagonist he wasn’t the final villain plus there’s that transformation thing again (it also doesn’t help that he’s almost virtually identical to X-Death in his human form).

FF V: Butz vs. X-Death/Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh is only up there in case Golbez does make it into the game since it doesn’t seem very likely that X-Death’s tree form will work very well in a fighting game (or Neo X-Death’s oversized montage of forms for that matter). Also Gilgamesh does meet the transformation qualification so he’s got at least that going for him.

FF VI: Terra/Celes/Locke/Leo vs. Kefka. Frankly, I would be surprised if Terra wasn’t chosen for this game since not only does she add some badly needed variety to this game but she fits into that transformation technicality as well. But due to the lack of a definite main character (i.e. one you are forced to have for the entire game) I wouldn’t be surprised if Celes was chosen (even though Runic couldn’t hold a candle to transforming into a glowingly nude magical beast) though I would be pissed if Locke (between the three of them he wasn’t even required to beat the game with) or Leo (regardless of how awesome it would be for him to get his revenge on Kefka without hacking). Nobody else has any business in this game not even Ultros.

FF XI: Never played it.

FF XII: Vaan/Ashe/Balthier vs. Vayne. Since none of them qualify under that transformation technicality I guess it would come down to story relevance which makes Ashe the most likely candidate though Balthier, even though he wasn’t as relevant as Ashe, at least makes for a good runner up (plus he too adds some desperately needed variety to this lineup).

I guess I am looking forward to this game (or at least until I find out how badly it bombed for which I can only hope will never happen).

I am looking forward to it, though to be honest I’d have preferred if they’d stuck with “people who work well in fighting games” rather than “major heroes and villains”.

My dream team:


Cidolfas: Well, one of your guys is officall there! Tidus and Jecht(slight redesign) appear in the game.

the confirmed cast so far.

  • Warrior of Light: Toshihiko Seki (Cid, FFU; Momotaros, KR Den-O)
  • Garland: Kenji Utsumi (Louis Armstrong, FMA)
  • Firion: Hikaru Midorikawa (Llednar Twem, FFTA CD)
  • Emperor Palamecia: Kenyuu Horiuchi (Han Solo, Star Wars dub)
  • Squall: Hideo Ishikawa
  • Ultimecia: Atsuko Tanaka (Rosso, FFVII DoC)
  • Zidane: Romi Paku (Edward Elric, FMA)
  • Kuja: Akira Ishida (Zexion, KH series)
  • Tidus: Masakazu Morita
  • Jecht: Masuo Amada

So there are about 100 characters in this game – according to PSP World – that’s cool. And Seifer better be there, or I am boycotting Square Enix.
And Tidus looks so young … as in prepubescent young?

100? O_o

That makes me very very happy. Excellent chances we’ll see our faves in there. Maybe even people from MQ or Tactics!

Will this have a “story mode” (ala Smash Brothers) or will it be just fighting?

Wait it mentioned 20 characters so far, however, we’ve only seen the count reach 11 so far unless more were announced?

Wiegraf vs. Gilgamesh ftw.

I think the 100 characters is a mistranslation. The line seems to read that characters can level up to Level 100.

Sweet, I always liked Jecht

2nd Trailer of Dissidia (Intro of Frion, Sqall, Palamecia, Ultimecia, Tidus; & two KEY figures)

“Onion Knight”: Johnny Yong Bosch (Ichigo, Bleach)

Also, Kefka’s quote from the trailer suggests his opposite FF6 character is either Terra or Celes.

My own VA choices for the dub

-Warrior of Light: Quinton Flynn (Reno, FF7)

  • Garland: Corey Burton (Megatron, TF Animated)
  • Firion: Steve Staley (Neiji Hyuuga, Naruto)
  • Palamecia: Bradley Dee Baker (Big Chill, Ben 10 AF)
  • Cloud of Darkness: Karen Strassman (Barbariccia, FF4 DS)
  • Cecil: Yuri Lowenthal
  • Golbez: Anthony Landor
  • Exdeath: Time Curry (Darkness, Legend)
  • Kefka: Tom Kane (Him, PPG)
  • Squall: Doug Erholtz
  • Ultimecia: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Rosso, FFVII DoC)
  • Zidane: Greg Cipes (Beast Boy, Teen Titans)
  • Kuja: Liam O’Brian (Lloyd Asplund, Code Geass)

So an Onion Kid, The Cloud of Darkness, and Kefka have been confirmed to appear in the final roster.

I’ve also heard that characters from only 9 games are going to be represented in the game, and since 8 out of the 12 main games have already received representation which leaves either characters from 4, 5, 11, or 12 to be confirmed.

While it would be pretty obivious that 4 will be the the last game to be admitted, I’m not going to give up hope that Gilgamesh might reach that last spot before 4 does. Seeing 12 make it into this game would be HIGHLY unlikely, 11 has no chance, and 13 could only come from deep left-field.

this is the confirmed characters so far (curtisy of FFwiki)

Final Fantasy ----Warrior of Light---------Garland
Final Fantasy II -Frioniel ----------------Emperor Mateus
Final Fantasy III Onion Knight --------Cloud of Darkness
Final Fantasy IV ------------------------Golbez
Final Fantasy V -------------------------Exdeath
Final Fantasy VI ------------------------Kefka
Final Fantasy VII -----------------------Sephiroth
Final Fantasy VIII Squall---------------Ultimecia
Final Fantasy IX --Zidane----------------Kuja
Final Fantasy X --Tidus------------------Jecht

interestingly the rumors (emphasis on that word) are that cloud will join for ff7 and cecil for ff4 (understandably) and that like alot of other fighting games (eg. SSBB, tekken, Street fighter) there will be 10 extra characters (5 good, 5bad?) so Killmore you may get gilgamesh and seifer get seifer. (or possibly they may include ff12 and 13 characters (it will probs come out after ff13 so who knows)i’m hopin for balthier

That would rock.

one thing i don’t get tho is that rumors also say characters from only 9 of the first 10 games will appear. but from the confirmed info from ffwiki it would seem that a villian from each game has already been confirmed.

new rumours

  • an odd one - aeris may be the hero of ff7 to balance genders (and probs because there has ben enough Cloud appearances so someone else)
  • the rumoured extra 10 characters may mean one extra from each game.

Fuck Aeris, I wanna see Zack.

I would second that if Zack hadn’t been copied by Cloud.

I will admit that the 9 game thing is a bit questionable (especially considering that it was also said that the point to this game was to offer a chance for newer gamers to become familiar with older characters [along with catering to the fanbase] ala SSB). Plus the site I usually browse for these tidbits have been jumping the gun on various rumors as of late.

Btw, if they are doing a three man thing, that would be freakin’ sweet! (Though, somehow, I doubt that this is the case. I guess some citation is needed.)

Re: Cloud not being in Dissida, I would rather see either Vincent, Barret, or Tifa instead of Aerith, but I’m good for whatever.

Woo! Kefka!

His stage music should be “Killing an Arab” by the Cure, and his supermove should be called “L’etranger,” but with proper accents.

Seriously, though, dude is existential.

Kefka, where hate (HATEHATEHATEHATE) is existential.

How are you, Arac? Did your WoW-obsessed friend cut from the groceries and connected your semi-commune to the internet? Hope you’re doing fine, healthwise.

nothing new to report but according to one report the developers of dissidia said
“Jecht was chosen instead of Seymour to be the villain of FFX because developers stated that the characters needed to have a storyline relation, and putting Seymour in it would make the character Yuna necessary also”

just an interesting topic builder

I think Yuna should be in there anyway.