Desktop thread, Febuary 2005

<img src=“”>
My brother made it.

I know, but the button doesn’t work. Any other way of taking the picture?

I’m sure someone has written a program that does it. Search for screen capture.

Yeah… I couldnt resist making one of these either…

Since Arac posted a link to a free image hosting place. I got a screenshot of my laptop’s desktop.

Eww, gnome!

I like Gnome, it does what I need to do and is very custumizable for me. I don’t like KDE. There is just something about it that I don’t like. I used it recently to set some stuff and I didn’t like it. What desktop would you recommend then Xelo?

Any reason that it is so eww?

I use an incredibly modded KDE.

That’s not what I asked. I asked which desktop you would recommend.

E17, OpenBox, or XFCE4. Anything but Gnome/KDE!

Well, I guess I’ll hopn on this bandwagon! Here’s mine: