Desktop thread, Febuary 2005

You make that or is it a donation wallpaper?

And you’re so fucking modest Xelo, really.

It’s a bit out of date, my icons have changed a bit, (there are more of them :p), but, here’s mine.

And, yes, that’s my other forum in the taskbar. Ahh, BJP, so different from here… so very, very different…

<a href=“”>I’ll take it down if deemed too sexy.</a>

EDIT: And you’re all icon whores.


This isnt one of my good ones but I really liked the art for this rendition of Akuma. It really makes him look more like a demon, quite nice. I just wanted to use it for a little while.

It’s actually by Mohammad Haque. He’'s the guy who draws Applegeeks.

That rocks.

Here’s the pic for mine ta da


Domo-Kun is Adium, my IM Client.



Is it just me, or are there a number of people who don’t know the difference between a Desktop and a Wallpaper.

You got a mac, nul?

Yes, and so?
A PowerMac G5! Hoh!

Wow. You must’ve sold like, 30 kidneys on the black market to get that kind of money. :open_mouth:

Oh do shut up. Why else do we have this thread? Do you seriously think ANYONE cares what icons someone has?

Neither. It’s just the comic. I just set it as my background image and selected “stretch”. I didn’t expect it to look as good as it did, but there it is. :slight_smile:

I’d like to repeat my earlier sentiment: You’re all icon whores. How can you ruin such awesomeness with icons?

Just wondering :stuck_out_tongue: Cool though.

Need more sexy anime girl wallpaper~

Yes. In fact, I like looking at these because it is cool to see what you are looking at and it sort of shows a little bit more about the person. It’s sort of like going into someones room. You don’t just look at the wall, you look at everything. Like some people here have cool icon arrangements that go a long with their background. Besides, just looking at a background is a little boring since you are just looking at a normal picture.

I would post mine, but I’ve got no place to post it (unless I could post it in my shrine directory). I would show my Linux one though since I’m more proud of it and my desktop one would probably get me banned, since it is not suitable for all eyes (I’d have no problem showing it to guys I work with though or those that stopped by my house from RPGC). Just wouldn’t post it here.

Also, I love your background Kero. That is fucking awesome. It’s about time you replaced that boring blue you had when we over at your place. :hahaha;

Yeah, my whole neighbourhood went.
It’s the cheap single 1.8gHZ.


Big Nutter
I currently using my mum’s lap top but Since my main PC is being upgraded.