Dear Brits

You are pussies.

-Your friendly Canadian subjects.

Canadians calling somebody pussies? I scoff at your nancy-pants! Observe: I am scoffing! When was the last time Canada defended Democracy with the sword (or the bomb)? When have you been attacked by EVIL TERRORISTS out to destroy democracy (or to rob banks, like in Die Hard)? Cobra doesn’t attack dirty Canadians, because they know it would be too easy. You’d piss your pants at the first sign of a robotic snake! You Canadofascists make me SICK!

Canada defends democracy by not giving anyone a legitimate reason to destroy it >_>

Hoo hoo! It’s not mere tea and crumpets now is it, old chap?

(Umm, may I request a particular reason for this assault on the quality of britons?)

Sin needs no reason to attack anybody, and Britain is an island and therefore ripe for the unholy wrath of his Giant Bloated Skincolored Whaleness with Multiple Eyes- oh wait, you mean OUR Sin.

If they are pussies, why are you still subject to their crown? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?

To be fair, most cat owners are subjects to pussies.

Alright you lousy Canadians… you want come over here and try saying that to our face?
I know some good football hooligans, who’d just love to get take a swing at someone saying that.

I’d like to see those hooligans take a swing assuming they’d have the balls to go outside in the “cold” and “snow” without embarrassing themselves any further than they already have.

(For the unaware, Britain was just hit with a snow storm and its the end of the fucking world over there apparently).

We had our moments too. :slight_smile:


For a second I thought you meant the football that isn’t soccer. Then I realized you were indeed talking about more pussies.

You know who’s a buncha pussies? The Prussians. When was the last time Prussia did shit? That war it had with France where France owned itself harder than Prussia owned France.

As are most guys.

Hey, Adrienne Clarkson was the reporter

I didn’t know it was fuck England week already?

My how time flies when you’re letting a bunch of jag-offs bankrupt the entire world.

Didn’t Obama just complain last week because Washington got 4cm of snow and they closed all the schools? Heh. American pussies.

He was specifically talkng about Washington pussies. Apparently Chicago doesn’t stop for anything. Seattle pussies are bigger pussies than anyone else. It only took a forcast of snow for them to shit their pants. At least Washington and Britain had to actually deal with the white stuff.

Also, the public schools were open, just not the private school his kids went to.

HA!! I never expected Cid to say this.