DBZ Fic: Rebirth of a Prince

Lemme know if this is any good. I got bored over the summer, cooked this up, and never posted it. Ok, this DBZ fic takes place after the end of Z and before GT.

<b>Chapter One</b>

His pitch-black, spiky hair waved slightly in the wind coming in from the open window while the sun glistened on his slick blue clothes, revealing every muscle below the cloth as he stood looking out of a second floor window at Capsule Corp.

“Almost nineteen years. Damn you Kakarotto,” he said slamming his fist against the window frame.

He closed his eyes and in his mind he could see two men fighting. One with wild spiky hair wearing an orange gi revealing a blue under shirt and a pair of dark blue bracers on his wrists. The other in blue elastic-like armor with his upper body protected by a white elastic-like armor with a tannish color covering the abdomen area and then stretching over the shoulders. The two drew back their hands, began to concentrate their energy, thrusted their hands forward, and unleashed two powerful blasts at each other.

“Ka…me…ha…me… HA!”

“Gallet… GUN!”

The two men struggled to over power the others blast until…

“Kaio-ken times four!”

The blast from the man in the orange gi over powered the blast of the man in armor, sending him flying.

Opening his eyes he seen only the blue sky and clouds outside the window.

“Feh. He always seems to surpass me.” The man then turned from the window, “But that will change soon enough.” At that moment a middle aged woman called from down stairs, “Vegeta. Time for breakfast!”

“I’m coming,” he said with an evil grin as he headed toward and down the stairs.

Once he had gotten into the kitchen, he sat down at the table with a slight grunt.

“Where are Trunks and Bra?”

A woman with a bowl haircut and light blue hair, with slight wrinkles on her cheeks turned around and set down eggs, bacon, sausage, and biscuits. She then placed her hands on her back as if there was a slight pain in it. “I think Trunks mentioned going over to Goten’s, and I believe that Bra went to the mall.” she said staring at her younger looking husband taking her hands off of her back.

“How is it you never seem to age?”

“Bulma, I’ve told you before. Saiyan’s don’t age as quickly so that we can fight longer.”

“Oh… right.” she replied with a bit of disappointment. And with that the two began to eat silently.

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<b>Chapter Two</b>

Vegeta had decided to go pick up Trunks from Goten’s so that the two of them could spend some “quality time” together by training. Vegeta reached the woods of the East District area in a hover car and called out to Trunks.

“Trunks! Come on, we’ve work to be done!”

Trunks came running out the deeps woods with Goten.

“What do you want, dad?”
“Come on. We’ve got training to do.”
“Dad, come on. Not now.”
“Why the hell not?”

At that moment two girls came out of the woods. One in a red dress with black hair, and the other in blue shorts and a black top with red hair. Trunks’ face turned slightly red.

“Thats why…”
“Hell no! You’ve skipped training several times for teenage pleasure!” saying this Vegeta started to get a small smirk on his face. “Know what? Go ahead. I’ll train on my own,” and without letting anyone get a remark in, he drove off and headed back to Capsule Corp.

“I’ll let him have fun while he can. Allow him to enjoy the simple things I was deprived of.”

Vegeta reached his home at Capsule Corp, and reduced the hover car to a capsule by pusing a button on the side of it. When he got inside he laid down for a short nap.

From a distance was a slug-like creature in the same armor as Vegeta was wearing in the past. Vegeta seemed to appear only the age of 7 and with a monkey-like tail. The Slug-like creature came over to him.

“You! Monkey! Freeza demands that you appear before him this instant!”
“Yes, sir!”

The chibi Vegeta walked along the hallways of a space ship until he reached a room filled with many Saiyans wearing armor, and tails growing out their backs. They had a look of fear on their faces and a sadness in their eyes as they stood facing eachother in two rows, leading up to Freeza and Vegeta’s father, King Vegeta (who looked distinctly like him in resemblence) who happened to be laying dead on the floor his armor staind with blood. The tyrant Freeza motioned Vegeta to come forward. He did.

“What… what did you do this for? You bastard!”
“SILENCE YOU LITTLE INGRATE! Your father tried to kill me. I only did this in self-defense. He was rebelling and he paid dearly for it. I only wanted to show you this so you don’t repeat his mistake.” The chibi Vegeta only responded with face full of rage and walked off.

Vegeta awoke at his home. “Grah. That damn dream again. It won’t go away. Kakarotto… you bastard. Stealing my vengeance.”

At that time, the phone rang. “I’ll get it!” screamed Bulma. A minute later she yelled “Vegeta! Bra needs a ride home from the mall!”

“All right,” he got up, went outside, threw a capsule at the ground containing a hover car, and left.


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<b>Chapter Three</b>

Vegeta and Bra drove along the highway of West City with many boxes and bags, full of clothes and and shoes, in the back.
“Your mother said you needed a ride. She didn’t mention a thing about paying for all of this.”
“Heheh. Sorry pop, but I didn’t have any money.”
“And that means you get to spend mine?”
“Haven’t you figured that out yet?”

They pulled up to Capsule Corp. half an hour later. Bra jumped out of the car “Hey, Dad, could you carry all this in?” she pointed to the small mountain in the back of the car.
“I suppose so,” he said grabbing everything with both arms “Just open the front door.”
Bra opened it and walked up to her room Vegeta following her. He sat the things down on her queen sized bed and went down to the living room where Bulma was sitting.

“Whats for dinner?” Vegeta asked.

At that moment, Trunks walked in.

“Yo. Whats for dinner?”
“Oh, the usual,” Bulma replied.
“I’m not not eating,” said Vegeta as he strutted toward the gravity room.
“Dad, want me to come with you?” asked Trunks.

Vegeta walked into the room and locked the door. He did only a few pushups and sit-ups before quiting. “Damn this has gotten old. Think I’ll go give Kame-sennin a visit. Haven’t seen baldy or the android in a while.” Vegeta left the room, went outside whilst the other’s ate, and flew off toward Kame island.

“Feels good to fly after a while.”

He reached the turle hermit’s small island in 10 minutes and landed with a greeting from Krillin.
“Oh. Hey Vegeta! How’s it going?”
“Good. And how about you and your family?”
“Doing just fine. Say, you don’t normally make visits like this.”
“I got bored. Where’s the old pervert?”
“Kame-sennin’s inside watching ‘movies’.”
“Say no more. I’ll just stay out here.”
“Figured as much.”
“Heard from Kakarotto lately?”
“Nope. Why, you heard from Goku?”
“Yeah, I was wondering how he’s progressing.”
“You’re concerned about his progression?”
“Of course. Its a habbit thats hard to kick.”
“Heheheh. Same old Vegeta.”
“Heh. I’m off. Think I’ll pay Kakarotto a visit.” Saying this, Vegeta flew off without giving Krillin a chance to say anything more.

While I find it just slightly hard to imagine Vegita that way, it is a good read. Keep up the good work, Cro.

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While I find it just slightly hard to imagine Vegita that way

As do I to an extent.

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Hehe… I’m really liking this story. Other DBZ fic’s I’ve read have a dull taste, but I like your’s… it’s nice. Keep up the good work Cro. :slight_smile: :cool:

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<b>Chapter Four</b>

Vegeta hadn’t even bothered to go to see Goku on God’s (Dende) look out, which resided high above the Earth. Instead he had went back home.

“Damn, its gotten late,” Vegeta said whilst eating a pizza and watching a boxing match. “Bah. They dunno how to punch,” a commercial starring Mr. Satan (Hercule), who was now half bald, popped up on the TV. Mr. Satan began to speak while holding up tickets to the next Tenkai Chi Budokai.
“Wanna watch me at the tournament!? Then call the number below the screen to get 6 free tickets, along with a chance to meet me, Mr. Satan, in person for a private one-on-one fight!”

Vegeta looked at the TV without amusement, “I swear, you’d think the lying old bastard would have stopped this some time ago,” and turned off the TV. Looking at the clock (which now said 1:34 AM) Vegeta went upstairs and crawled into bed, where Bulma was already asleep, and closed his eyes.

Looking upon the blue grass and green sky of the planet Namek, stood Vegeta. In the distance were two fighters. One was Freeza and the other one was Piccolo, a Namekian with green skin, antenas on his head, and pink skin upon his muscles. He was wearing a damaged purple gi. The two fought as Vegeta stared in amazement.

“The… Namek. How the hell did he get this much power!?” Vegeta looked over at a younger looking Krillin. “You, baldy! Hurt me as much as you possibly can right now!”
“You heard me you little bowling ball! Do it! When Saiyans are brought to a near death experience and fully recovered they become much stronger. All you have to do is hurt me enough and get the Namek child to heal me. Now do it before I send you to where ever the hell the rest of the Namekians are!”

This time Krillin was far too scared to hesitate and shot a blast of ki through Vegeta’s torso.
Krillin yelled at Dende for the much needed help. Vegeta laid on the ground in pain until Dende’s healing powers fully recovered him.

“Ah. Much better,” Vegeta said with an evil grin and a look of confidence upon his face. He then looked over at Freeza with disgust.

“Freeza! Your fights with me you bastard!” he said flying over toward him.
“Well, your power has increased, but its not enough.”

The two fought for a few minutes until Freeza brought Vegeta to his knees and falling to the ground in pain.

“Little ingrate. I warned you not to repeat your father’s mistake.”

Freeza was now hovering over Vegeta. A rock laid upon his chest. Freeza used this to his advantage and dug it into the broken armor of the much wounded Vegeta as he cried out in pain. The other did nothing but watch in awe. At this time, Goku flew onto the scene. The two converesed but Vegeta only caught bits and pieces of what they were saying. He looked up and over at Goku.


Goku walked over to Vegeta.

“Kakarotto, kill him. You’re too soft. You can’t be soft with this guy. Otherwise he’ll continue to do this.”
“…Vegeta.” Goku looked down at Vegeta who was now crying.
“You don’t know what he’s done. We’re the last of our race. Your son, you, and I. We were wiped out by the bastard. Only 4 survived. You met the other two. Your brother Raditz, and my partner Nappa. He’s taken away my pride, my family, my home, and made me into a slave to do all of his biddings. Not once could I do a thing of my own free will. Kakarotto… kill him and avenge our ancestors. Including your father,” Vegeta was stopped as a beam from Freeza’s finger pierced his heart. He laid there motionless tears still streaming down his face.

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I’ll update this tonight with the next chapter. Sorry for the delay in things.

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<b>Chapter Five</b>

Vegeta got awoke in the morning with a cold sweat, his heart racing, and a slight headache. He rested his hand on his forehead, “A… a dream? No. A nightmare from the past. Damned Freeza. Damn Kakarotto. DAMN IT! DAMN IT ALL!” he shouted waking up Bulma.

“Huh? Wha? Vegeta, what are you shouting about?”

Vegeta, who now had a look of strong anger and disgust on his face, quickly got out of bed and stomped over to a drawer which held his Saiyan Armor. This armor differed from the one he had worn when he first fought Goku. It was stronger, and the part of the armor that extended over the shoulders was no longer there. Grabbing his armor he left the bedroom saying only “Tell Trunks and Bra, I’ll see them soon. I’ve business to take care of. And Bulma, I’m sorry.”

“VEGETA! What the hell are you doing!?”
“Going to get a bit of information.”
“Information? On what? I can get it for you,” said Bulma at the bedroom door.
“No. You can’t.”

Vegeta opened the sliding glass door in the living room and flew off at full speed.

“Gohan best be at Kakarotto’s house. I need to speak with him.”

Vegeta knocked on the door of Goku’s house in the East District area. Goten answered the door. “Hmm? Oh, hey Vegeta. 'Sup?”
“Gohan here?”
“No, sorry. Anything I can do for you?”
“Any idea where he is?”
“Well, he mentioned going over to Satan’s summer home with Videl so Pan could visit.”
“And where might that be?”
“On the Tropical Islands East of Amenbo City.”
“Alright, thanks,” and he took off at full speed again.

Goten went back inside and sat down.

“Wait… was Vegeta just wearing Saiyan Armor?”