Dance Dance Revolution/Dancing Stage - Double Mode.

I just got my second mat today along with Dancing Stage: Euromix. Euromix proved kinda not-so good on songs, but I did discover the wonders of double play mode. In effect, you have two mats while two lines of arrows fly around. One darn good mode if you ask me. Added a whole new dimension of playing into my Dancing Stage: Megamix… Which has better songs >:)

And in other matters… how much of you are into DDR? If you ask me, DDR is a game, not a substitute to real dancing, but dancing just isn’t fun alone, if you catch my drift…

(Dancing Stage = The European, less-song-intense version of DDR… by Konami, though)

I like DDR, I only own Konamix since I have a PSX only. But we have a DDR Club here that meets Tuesdays and it’s a lot of fun. Not to mention, it’s pretty much the only time that I actually do anything physical.

You can play double mode with just one mat if you plug a controller into the other one and use the controller while you step - that’s pretty fun, I’ve done it before :stuck_out_tongue:

-Mazrim Taim

Sounds pretty hardcore… something to do with your hands too… but it kinda affects your balance…

I’m yet to see a single machine, and yet I’m told that Norway has been swept away by it. I guess where I live we are still stuck in medival times.
Stupid town.

Mazarim Taim is hardcore. Else he wouldn’t have had that freaky costume.

Yeah I was alright at DDR. I should probably dust off the pad and play again sometime. Bluemage is really good.

DDR rocks. I love it. I go play at my local arcade every monday friday and saturday for like an hour. I must waste like 100 dollars on that damn machine a month. Luckily the DDRUltramix for xbox will give me a free substitute, but i think the feeling of playing with other people at the arcade is what makes it really great.

I had DDR 5th mix at the arcade at my home town. I went back this weekend taking a break from college life, and they put up a different version. I don’t know which, but the your dancing guy in the background was gone. And there was new dance moves n’shit. I freaked out the first time I saw the “hold” step. I thought I had to stamp on the damn thing a shitload of times. But after I got it sorted out, I pwned the technique.

And blew off on everything else. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty good at DDR. Mind, I need more practice, 'cause I keep on getting off center. I find that it helps to squit your eyes and just concentrate on the arrows once your feet start to get into the groove.

That, and because of DDR, I’m a fan of Captain Jack.

I don’t have DDR for use at my own house, but whenever I go to the big arcade up in Indianapolis I always play it there. I am okay at the game, not that good though. Its fun to play, except I hate it when all these people start gathering around to watch me suck.

Aww… I suck in DDR too, that’s why i don’t play it at the arcades. I’m good at DDR with a PS controller though~

I got two mats plus DDRMax and Konamix for last Christmas… Sin’s been playing a lot more than I lately though. o_o But I really love ddr, it’s fun and great exercise (which I don’t get enough of :P)

I play DDr, it’s great, but alas…thanks to the valiant efforts of my best friend’s exboyfriend…I cannopt enter the mall anymore, I still have Konamix at home…but my mat is fucked up…need a new one.


For those of you that are too lazy to play DDR at your arcade, go to <a href=“”>FFR, Flash Flash Revolution</a>. It’s UBER hard, but the music in ti tkicks ass, and the game is fun. It’s kept me sane while I plot against Christopher Patrick Hotella.

Never played it, but I’d like to. Heh, just looking through somebody’s iTunes playlist, and they’ve got 58 DDR tracks.

i’m not much of a dancer, I think… only when i’m on the booze I guess

Never played it, but I’d like to. Heh, just looking through somebody’s iTunes playlist, and they’ve got 58 DDR tracks.

Yeah DDR has some of the best music, thats one of the reason I tried it out in the first place, besides the fact that it was a dancing video game.

I saw this flash game my friend had downloaded called “Dance With Intensity”, like FFR except it’s UBER fucking hard n’shit. That and people could make up their own songs n’shit. I saw it happened to the FF7 Prelude and “Bad Dog No Biscut” and all sorts of shit…

wait…is THAT FFR?..grah… opens foot inserts mouth

I own DDR Extra on PSX, but I didn’t want to shell out the money so I bough a cheap 10 mat, that worked fine for like 10 days but not it seems as if the sensors under the up arrow have moved down and into the actual centre area. Therefore, i got pissed and stopped playing. On that subject anyone know how to fix this?

I’d try to return it to the store if the warrantry isn’t expired;

With the dance mats, quality above all: A good one lasts for a long time.

A crappy one… >_>

Anyway, I store mine vertically from a coathanger with clips on the wall… much better than rolling them up like it was in the package.

I’ve got Dancing Stage: Party mix. I used to be damn good, but I haven’t played it in a while now. It’s a great game.

This is the only place I have ever even heard of DDR. :too bad;