Dance Dance Revolution/Dancing Stage - Double Mode.

The, my good Jing, I suggest visiting the nearest arcade. It may seem freaky, but hey, it’s a good game.

On other news… PSone Euromix seems to have harder songs… even though I thought the lack of Freeze Arrows would’ve made it easier… it compensates with more 1/16 arrows -_-;

Plus, it kinda requires a better timing that the PS2 Megamix

The only arcade I have ever seen is in Stockholm. =P

I’ve got the pads and that stuff for PS2 and play it every chance I can get. So when I go to the arcades and play it, everyone’s like “Oh, wow! You’re so good, how do you do that? Do you come here alot and spend that much money?” It’s really nice to get compliments on that game, at least to me. ^.^:cool:

Can’t believe this wasn’t said:
<b>Fool… all we do in hell is play DDR.</b>

I’ve played it before, I suck at it. Therefore, the game sucks :smiley:
(I like some of the songs, though >.>;:wink:

I cant remember who asked but no…DWI (Dance With Intensity) and FFR are 2 different things. FFR has crap timing with between the arromws and their targets. DWI is a windows application that is about as good as playing the PS versions without the pad. Theres also Delight Delight Reduplictation, which is the best sim, but its in japanese, and than theres StepMania, which is an open source DWI. It needs a fast cpu though.


Delight Delight Reduplication

All simulators like these are good for though, is helping you to read the arrows faster.