Ahh crap, for whatever reason I just slashed part of my arm open, and its a lot deeper than I thought it was gonna be, please no insults, no remarks, I need advice on what to do, it’s bleeding quite a bit.

(And anyone from our school who reads this, please I impore you dont tell anyone.)

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Get on IRC and talk about it.

Why not?

How deep is it?

i suggest cleaning it, and if it is deep, stop the bleeding. Try pressing it (or the arm, right above it) fiercely for a few minutes. Then get something covering it and go to a hospital.

The bleedings slowing down, nearly stopped, that pressure thing really worked.

It’s not as deep as I first thought, but deep enough to hurt like hell, I just panicked when I saw the amount of blood.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.

You know RPGC is a part of you when you slash your arm open and instead of running for a first aid kit, you hop online.

You should’ve, like, offered your blood to the great RPGC God.

after reading thread, laughs so hard it hurts:hahaha;

Okay, why and how? Since this is an hour after the intial posting I’m going to assume you’ve either solved your problem or are in a hospital somewhere so my first aid training doesn’t do you much good now.

Originally posted by Cala
You should’ve, like, offered your blood to the great RPGC God.


Knowing how to stop bleeding is the most basic aspect of home first aid. I would suggest you get a book or something on house hold first aid so tht you know what to do should this happen again.

I would also suggest that you invest in some sort of all around first aid kit that should contain Iodine, Gauze, Bandages, Peroxide and Rubbing Alcohol at the very least. A good thing to have around the house.

Why? I dont know, I just did. How? Took a knife lifted my right arm up, tensed it, and made a swift cutting motion into my skin.
Yeah, the bleeding stopped, and everythings ok now. Why where you laughing anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:

Normally that means your subconcious is trying to say you something. It might be a good idea to find out what it is, before it decides slashing throaths sounds fun.

yeah, and if it’s pain you’re after, there are much more sensitive parts of your body that don’t bleed as much, like the bottoms of your feet or your fingers especially - we don’t want you dying of blood loss on us if all you want is the piercing shock…but listen to Nulani, definitely, before harboring ideas of doing this sorta stuff. I dig you though.

-Mazrim Taim

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[b]I dig you though.

-Mazrim Taim [/b]

And again, I have no idea why I did it, I was just talking to someone on Yahoo, and asked him if he wanted me to cut my arm, so he said “If you want”. So I did. When I asked him why he didn’t say no, he said “I believe in free will.”

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I need advice on what to do

Cut deeper

I’d see a psycologists if I was you. You need help if you will willingly slash your arm, to someone online none the less. I hope it was video chat or soemthing where at least he could see you do it. Otherwise he wouldn’t have known either way. Since it was you who offered and brought it up there is a problem. I’d look into it before you hurt yourself worse. I understand the person you were talking about’s free will, but he should have said no since you were hurting yourself. Just promise you’ll get some help before you hurt yourself worse.

It’s probably too late no, but rinse it with warm water, wrap it, apply steady pressure (enough, but not so much that it hurts), after the bleeding stops you may want to go see a doctor just to make sure that everything fine. Secondly, and most importantly, seek help to prevent something worse from happening. Because what will happen the next time you think “hey doing so and so may be fun” (I don’t want to give any ideas) and it causes permaent damage or kills you. No body wants that to happen. It is already hard enough to hear that you hurt you self this way.

Also, ignore Zepp. Zepp is a dumbass and needs to seek help too.

I was using a webcam yeah. I showed Cro it last night, it’s stopped bleeding but still stings a bit.

… in Soviet Russia…

Dominic Deegan, are you a complete idiot?

I agree with Info and Charle. What the hell were you thinking? You asked someone on Yahoo whether they wanted you to cut your arm? What was this conversation about? Unless you’ve got some serious grief going on right now then self-violence isn’t the right thing to do. Go see someone about this. Now, before it gets any worse.

This Yahoo person is also a moron. if one of my friends/netpals messaged me and asked whether they should cut themselves or not, I’d type ‘no’ at them until I couldn’t type anymore.