Damn you penguin! What is thy name?!

I loved the old Nickodeon cartoons too! My favorite was “David the Gnome”. I still snicker at how stupid those trolls were.

Whoa, another former David the Gnome fan!? You are among friends here …

“Among friends,” right. With Yar that means “me and me and me and me.”

Me too!

DUDE! I SO remember David…I miss that show…

Yes David the gnome was rocxpr.

So was Maya the Bee.

and Belle and Sebastian

and the one with the koalas that rubbed noses together. and formed an alternate dimension.

Now that I think about it, there were some cracked up cartoons on when I was a kid…

And Eureka’s Castle. Even then, I thought it was … strange that a witch was named “I have found it”.