Damn you penguin! What is thy name?!

The answer?

HALLOWED be thy name.


I miss Count Duckula though. That was wierd. Some of the Nickelodeon cartoons and shows were excellent.

And now they show insipid, pop-culture bullshit like Spongebob. Oh how the might have fallen.

I’m a duck! I’m not Count Duckula, though. My name’s Fhqwhgadshgnsdhjsdbksdabfabkveybvf.

Yeah, Pingu is cool :slight_smile:

And so is count Duckula, I think we’ve even got some old Duckula comics around here somewhere… But I’m not going to go look for them, they’re probably in my room, and not even dare go in there and see what you might find in the piles of… Stuff…

Originally posted by Yar Kramer
I’m a duck! I’m not Count Duckula, though. My name’s Fhqwhgadshgnsdhjsdbksdabfabkveybvf.

so YOU’RE the famous fhqwhgads…

Accualy, he’s one of the villains from an old Atari game. A flash version of it can be found here.

Atari Adventure…the first action adventure video game. The first easter egg…the greatest game ever made!!

Pingu is not just a book series. There is a ridicoulus TV show Called Pingu that little kids watch that involves some punk pingeun who likes to steal fish and toys and play with stuff and fish and play tricks and make friends and a whole bunch of other stuff. Did I mention he likes fish. ahh Overload memories of when I was little coming back nooo the horror. Back Pingeun back else I slay thee with my spirit powers.

wait…i just remembered that i think penguins are evil…oh well…

Originally posted by LunarCry
[b]I remember Pingu!

I loved Pingu!

. . . but I don’t remember a walrus. So it’s not that ^^ [/b]

Pingu was cool. ‘MeeMee’: Or whatever that sound he always made was again.

try doing this in that flash version of adventure!

/me points to his avatar.

I start reigning hot bolts of death on Urkani’s Avatar. Die demon Pengeun you will not influence me again with your fiendish ways.

/me casts level 99 maturity on you.


am I the only one to have thought this was an alternative way to say “what’s my name bitch” when reading the title… >.> ?

apparently so, yes.

Pingu r0x0rs!!! I love that programme. It is so cute. I watch it whenever I encounter it whilst channel-surfing.

Count Duckula is neat, too, and so is Danger Mouse!

I’m SO glad I’m not the only person who still watches it if I encounter it at all. My friend and I actually spent hours in fits of laughter over this Learn with Pingu! CD-ROM that came with her new comp . . .

Whaat? It was fun ^^ like being a 5 year old again!

Pingu is classic, always good to watch, but NOTHING compares to Danger Mouse…

I need to find a server that hosts Danger Mouse episodes :stuck_out_tongue:

Bananaman. Now THERE was a show I loved as a kid.