Damn you penguin! What is thy name?!

Ok, normally my pop culture refrences are limitless. But I cant remember the name of the penguin in this old ass cartoon, might have been played in between Underdog cartoons. The plot was, This penguin, and his dumb buddy a walrus, are always escaping from the zoo, and looking for jobs somwhere else. thats pretty much all I can remember, arrrghh! Penguins name might have been Tux or Tex, or somthing I think the zoo keepers name was Mr. Jeebles, but that might have been Grape Ape. uhh, I think it was shown on nickelodeon, with Underdog and dangermouse and count duckula. damn it! I’m not thinking of Chilly Willy… The Penguin had a voice like the dude from get smart. anyway, if anyone remembers anything… I’m sure the only reason I cant remember is cuz its 6 in the morning.

TENNESSEE TUXEDO!!! Damn i’m good!

It was aired with Klondike cat, and Commander mcbragg!


Well I guess now that I remebered, this thread serves no prupose, so I guess you can close it. Or we could talk about Tennessee and his wacky hijinx.

It’s spelled “Tennessee.”

No, it’s spelled “Fhqwhgads.”

With all the excitment, I forgot how to spell. Please forgive me.

Is that the penguin who designed Linux? Does that mean the walruss designed Windows?

I’d like to help, but at that time there was only one legal television channel in Norway - and it kept to a clone of Sesame Street.

Yep, it’s Tennessee. And yes, they came in between the Underdog cartoons (or possibly Rocky and Bullwinkle, I don’t know).

I remember that cartoon. It made me learn. I hated that.

I remember Pingu!

I loved Pingu!

. . . but I don’t remember a walrus. So it’s not that ^^

Uh … What’s Pingu?

Ack! You are positively uncultured :wink:

Pingu and Friends!

No, I’m <i>dubiously</i> uncultured. I’m aware that there’s stuff out there I don’t know about, but I don’t care. Especially if someone calls me uncultured just because I don’t know about some obscure books about a frickin’ penguin.

On top of that, what’s an Antarctican penguin doing in Tennessee? Penguins are exclusive to the southern hemisphere!

it’s a cartoon, dynamo.

and i’ve never heard of pingu, but i’m just not with the times…

I WAS kidding, you know :wink:

Pingu’s pretty old now. I don’t know, maybe it was a European thing.

… You all suck!

Well you swallow.

Mayl, watch your language. Some of the people here are under seventeen. Yourself included.

runs off screaming

…now look what you did, mayl.

Mew! =^.^=

…lousy convenient way to avoid things…

Come a little closer and say that. =^.^=

backs away and repeats himself

Yar, make a sprite of me going psycho.

I’ll do that as soon as I get home. I’m on a school computer now so I can’t.

heh…i don’t think i should stick around… runs