Damn, it's been awhile.

I wonder if anyone remembers me or gives a shit.

This place is deader ‘n’ dead. :frowning:

I remember that you made a thread a little over two years ago.

Remember, yes.

I don’t really know you enough to really give a shit one way or another.

I would forget my own name if I wasn’t constantly reminded, so don’t look at me.

Your name is Nulani.

Welp, done me good deed for the day. See you all luuuuusers in like another two months lol.

I miss you fuckers.


continues to stay in the shadows :smiley:

I have to admit I forgot, but it’s good to see you back! :slight_smile:


ah, glad to see people still don’t forget after 10 years. when I look back at how I was when I was 17 I wish I could kick myself in the ass and balls for being so stupid and heartless. everything I got after that moment from those who hated against me I fully deserved. nothing changes the past, but looking back on my time here, the good and the bad, I’ve had to learn a lot from it. such as life. teenage Orakio wanted nothing more than attention and went about it in all the wrong ways. as an adult, I want nothing more than to be the opposite of what I once was, to be at peace with my own past, and to apologize to all the people I’ve encountered, IRL and Online. Yes, this is an online world and things like this shouldn’t matter, especially after 10 years. but, a piece of me always was bothered by things, which is why I still come here every now and then. I don’t expect any forgiveness, and that is fine, because some things are unforgivable. regardless, I apologize for any trouble I caused back in the day.

Haters gonna hate. Don’t sweat it.

Hey Starbird, I don’t know what you did back then however I agree with you in that we’ve all done things we regret. The fact that you acknowledged it and wish to make amends earns a lot of respect in my book… for what it’s worth. Good on ya! :cool:

Jeez, man. I was just fucking with you :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Helios and SG :smiley:

lol, it’s okay… that’s the magic of text… it lacks context :smiley: I seriously expected that reaction from somebody even after all this time… lol

It sure was fun to pick on you, I’ll say that. When you used to send me a bible quote a day was pretty hilarious too.

lol… I bet it was… people quote the bible to me these days and I just laugh at it (mostly from my wife’s father). my idea of religion these days is “believe whatever the hell you want to believe if you choose to.”

once I get a DeLorean and finish my flux capacitor, I swear the first thing I am doing is travelling back to 2003 so that I can kick my teenage self in the ass… after I’m done with that, I’ll probably travel back to the day my ex wife was conceived and convince her father to wear a condom. yes, I am that evil :smiley:

You’re not going to take the TARDIS? Don’t you know that a DeLorean has like one or two good timewarps in it before something goes horribly wrong and then you either have to jerry-rig some sort of half assed propulsion system to get it up to the 88 miles per hour/12.1 jiggawatts needed to activate the Flux Capacitor or bury it in a mountain plus leave a parcel in the care of the post office for 70 years in the hopes that future past you realizes you done fucked up and need a bailout? Whereas a TARDIS only needs a resident Time Lord to come sauntering by and then swipe it for a quick joyride through timey (and hopefully without hitting any of that wimey stuff like navigation issues, alien hitchhikers, intertime wars, black holes, or rock quarries).

Fuck the TARDIS and fuck Doctor Who. More like “DOCTOR WHO!?!??!” cos they all shout at the top of the goddamn lungs the whole show, amirite


I hate

I love.

I was reading an article about Tomato (the DeJap translations dude) and got thinking about Cidolfas. Has anyone spoken to him lately?