Cuteness death

<img src=“”> Thank you Sin, now I won’t sleep tonight. I hope you’re happy.

Awwwwwwwwww! So cute!:smiley: :smiley: I just want to hug’m and pet’m and squeeze’m and call’m George and . . . err, oo; points GIANT SPACE MONKEYS! runs:runaway:

Gah! Get it away!

First the pandemic huggle outbreaks in the chat room… now this…

…Sin, you’re evil. :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: “Dangles”…snickers…“Plopper”…I am so childish. And what in the hell kind of a name for a pig is “Corkscrew”? Is it because of it’s tail or what? “Whiffer”… Damn it, why do I find that so funny? You’d think they’d come up with some better names…

…“Dangles”… :slight_smile: falls off his chair…Help I can’t reach the keyboard…someone turn that damn site off!

Originally posted by OmegaflareX
…Sin, you’re evil. :stuck_out_tongue:

and i wish to someday become as evil as you are…:slight_smile:

Originally posted by Lord Zhou Yu
and i wish to someday become as evil as you are…:slight_smile:

You can start by replacing your friends’ burned CDs with assorted ones like Barney, Tellitubbies, and Blues Clues. breaks into dark laughter

Change of heart, I’ve bookmarked the page!

Heh, heh…“Dangles”…Damn it! Why can’t I stop?

the strange thing about that is i was actually planning to go to a local best buy with some money…:o

Cuttieess!! :kissy:

Me, it’s cute, but i’ve seen cuteness so sickeningly sweet, it’ll make syrup ooze from your pores.

Like what? I need a sample to confirm your claim.

Oh, nothing online, sorry! Mostly stuff my sister’s done. Sorta like the Cutie Crinos picture, but without the disturbing factor.

I’m not familiar with that name… Could you give me a short description?


Anyway, like I said, not that cute, really.

I remember you had that as your avvie… That was disturbing.

Val, can I stick that in my sig?

That was your avvie at one point… I remember.

edit: Mommy beat me to it…

Xelo: sure, but don’t mess with it in any way.

CC: dammit, when did you become Cala’s daughter?!