Creepy Games

Anyone ever play an rpg/adventure game that had some point in it, or some enemy that just scared the crap out of you?

Zelda: Ocarina of Time had those zombie things that when you got close to them you heard a creepy scream, and then they jumped on the back of your head and you had to get them off. :eek:

Fatal Frame as a whole scared the poo out of me. Aside from that, since I mostly play Survival Horror these days, nothings really caught me too off guard.

I haven’t played any sort of scary games except doom, that’s scared me since a monster could come up behind you and censored. Not sure i could handle the games of today ;_;

What? No complaints about the Giant Testicles? I still cannot believe Nintendo actually did that. WHAT DID YOU HAVE TO DRINK THAT DAY MR. MIYAMOTO?

Fatal Frame made me feel like a sissy. Scared the crap out of me, too.

The original Resident Evil was pretty scary, too. But then, I was like, 11 when I first played it, so I scared easier.

MGS2, when you’re inside metal gear ray (i think it is ray; the part where you’re naked), and the colonel keeps calling you and saying weird shit. It was late at night when i first played that, and it really creeped me out for some reason.

It was Arsenal Gear You fail

Lord of the Rings: The Third Age, when you start a battle in Moria, the Eye of Sauron suddenly jumps out at you, although you get desensitised after a while.

Parts of Eternal Darkness really got me uneasy, but not really scared.

Majora’s Mask had a much creepier atmosphere than Ocarina of Time. Just walking around Clock Town just before the moon hit was creepier than anything in OoT.

But Zelda games aren’t creepy.

People say Clock Tower is creepy, but I’ve still never played it. Ditto with the Silent Hill games. Most Resident Evil games aren’t as creepy as supsenseful, with Zombies surprising you by jumping out of windows suddenly or whatnot.

Sweet Home must’ve been something when it first came out, because it’s got a very creepy atmosphere and story going on. Unfortunately, it’s lost a lot of its creepiness due to the now-primitive graphics.

Anyway, the only game that really creeped me out was probably Friday the 13th for the NES. The way Jason popped out of nowhere in the cabins startled me when I was little, and once I turned off the game and ran upstairs and hid for about a half hour. =P

Me too, Hiryuu. Friday the 13th would scare the life out of me when you’d be walking across the map, and then the screen would stop scrolling and Jason would pop out, or even worse, when he’d swim into you in the lake and there was no way to avoid it. I HATE the sound it makes.

Then again, I used to get scared of those bird heads at the end of each SMB2 level after I learned that one of them flies off the wall and attacks you.

I’ve always found NES games did a good job at being creepy and eerie, even when they’re not trying to be.

When it all comes down to it there are no really scary games. There are some that are creepy like teh Silent Hill series and the Resident Evil series but none are actually freaky. The RE series kind of lost the edge after RE1 since the entire point of the original’s freakyness is how you’re in a dark, enclosed space being attacked by monsters as you stumble upon the corpses and the zombies of your dead team mates. If you’re claustrophobic, as I am, RE1 and the remake have a higher level of scare factor. What the RE series went onto in freakiness after RE1 was how horrific the actual thought of a virus that reanimates the dead as flesh eating zombies and mutates animals into freakish monsters. When it all comes down to it whats freaky about all the RE games, excluding the red headed stepchild part of the storyline that is 4, is the fact that the T-Virus, however unlikely, could one day come into existance. Fucking freaky.


Trying to think of any…

Lolo, NES - I know this sounds dumb, but it’s just like a childhood trauma that I still have trouble with when I play it. You know the medusas, where when you pass by them the freeze you and shoot those arrows at you and it makes the ZSHOOF sound? Well, you’re likely not to get hit by them unless you overlooked something (That’s how Lolo works; you’ll just have to play it if you don’t get what I’m saying), so when I hear that ZSHOOF sound I just throw my controller up and yell really fucking loud. I used to get seriously terrified when I was little, but now I just get really startled and bewildered. :stuck_out_tongue:

Chrono Trigger, SNES - Was anyone else reluctant to fight Lavos? I really felt like I had a huge burden weighing on my shoulders, and that a lot was riding on me winning that fight…like a huge rush of adrenaline. I’d say that’s just testament to how well-done the game is.

FF7, PSX - Same feeling when I went to fight Sephiroth. Unfortunately, I had Knights of the Round and that made the whole thing sort of anticlimactic for me. But oh well; the feeling was still there.

Quest 64, N64 - The last dungeon’s ambience was just cool. It made my hairs stand up, especially the end of the dungeon.

It’s not a video game (well, it is, but the game isn’t creepy, just bad) but I must state that ET: The Extra Terrestial was one of the creepiest movies I ever saw as a little kid. I never wanted to go into this one bathroom in my grandparents’ house because I thought ET was in the tub. :frowning:

And the Ice Queen in Dark Cloud is still the creepiest enemy I can recall. She’s a pretty, young girl. (screen flashes) Now she’s Medusa! And by the time you noticed, she’s probably already started whipping the ice balls at you that freeze you and probably will kill you if you aren’t prepared.

Silent. Hill. Series. Period.
The scorched walls and the psychological meaning behind everything is scary. And by scary I mean “constant fear and gloom”, not “jumping 10 feet in the air cause Nemmy forgot his keys”. After playing SH, Resident Evil made me laugh. No offense to RE fans. For people like me, SH is excellent.

Walk in on your…

No, I won’t say it. I’m not that mean and you can likely ban me for it.

I remember those! They scared me so much when I was young. Hell, they still scare me, I was playing it yesterday and I got shot by one and I jumped.

There are lots of enemies in games that still creep me out even after seeing them a few times.

FATE- Chrono Cross. This thing was just weird…especially when she groped around with her giant hands and her wide empty eyes. Female robots scare and mystify me.

Jenova- FF7-Jenova is my favorite villain of all time it seems. What really jolted the fear into me was that container you look into in Shinra HQ and you see its headless body. The first time I saw that I nearly peed myself. It’s disgusting and revolting. And then to know some dude is carrying her head around and dropping body parts for you to fight.

Some boss- Secret of Mana- The wall thing! With the eye! The music in that place is just nerve wracking and then you face the wall and it’s looking at you brr

Yunalesca- FFX- Ah ha ha yeah I know. But her third(?) form I think is really gross looking. I didn’t like it staring at me while I played.

I can’t think of anymore, but I know I could go on…