Creative use of magic gone wrong.

Okay, awhile, ago, through the combined stupidity of my DnD group, we faced a Giant, a really powerful one. Only two characters survived, I was one of them, and thus, I had first lootin’ rights. I found this magic ring which, I later found out, was a ring of Fire Protection. Fire magic damage is decreased, and regular fire damage is nullified completely. So, i decided to use it to my advantage.

I figuredthat sense I was immune to regular fire damage, I could pour oil all over myself, set myself on fire, and charge into a battle as the “Flaming Spectre of Death”. I’d use the fire to keep my enemies more at bay, and the heat would certainly hamper their skills. My Dm, though, decided that this was a bit too convenient. So, while my skin was protected from the fire, my clothes weren’t.

Normally, this wouldn’t be too bad a problem- I mean, now I’m a NAKED flaming Spectre of Death, right? Should psych people out even more. Well, it seems that, if I’m protected against fire damage, that means I’m protected from it’s heat, too. So, I was left to fight a buncha werewolves (again, courtesy of my group’s stupidity), at night, in Autumn weather, without any clothes on. The Cold got to me pretty soon.

Oh, and btw, I may become a werewolf, we don’t know yet. Yay.

Ho. Ly. Crap.

That is what I’d call screwed. No, change that-- COMPLETELY screwed.


But hey… if you survived, after the battle you’d have greasy skin. Wouldn’t that suck and stuff?

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[b]Ha LOL

But hey… if you survived, after the battle you’d have greasy skin. Wouldn’t that suck and stuff? [/b]

Well, what oil that didn’t burn away entirely from my Spectre mode, I’d wash off next chance I got. I mean, who really gives a crap about oily skin?

Well that was creative, if pretty damn stupid. laughs Ah well that was cool.

Well, it’s official, I’m a werewolf. But, I’m currently doing research in the game to see if I can becoem a werewolf and still keep control of my mind and fight more effectively. If I succeed, then my Naked Flaming Spectre of Death problem is fixed. Then I’m a Naked, Lycanthropic flaming spectre of death.

All in all, I WILL r0xx0r someday, no matter what I have to do.

Heh. It would be very hard to keep your mind and alignment if you willingly change. As long as you FIGHT it.

Although frankly, I don’t see what’s wrong with a good werewolf. Alignment changes shouldn’t be mandatory, although willingly changing without cause… and probably cause destruction would qualify…

Man, I would rock. And I was Chaotic Good, but I really don’t see how if I accept my lycanthropic curse, I change my alignent.

Oh, and come next level up, I’m investing everything I have into willpower and wisdom. Luckily, the two fights between the Giant and the Werewolf pack should increase it all exponentially.

Expanded statistics? Hmmm. Dunno how those work.

But generally, as far as the AD&D rules go, willingly changing madates that your alignment is changed to the lycanthrope norm- Chaotic evil for werewolves, chatoic good for wearbears…

I’d rather be a weretiger though. Still get the benefits (though different) of the werewolves and I is a kitty too.

Hmmm, it seems that I can only control WHEN I transform, not how I act while transformed. Still, considering all the bonuses I get, I think it’s all worth it.

Sounds cool. Jsut make sure your friends clear out. Hmmm I think there is a Feat or a skill you can use to control your transformation, or aid it. Think it’s a feat for born lycanthropes. Maybe your GM will allow you to use to to control wha tyou do in while transformed?

Nah, I’m pushing it as is with my Flaming Spectre of Death. This might make him decide to have a little… divine intervention in the game.

I wouldn’t think so. THAT is just a ue of tools at hand.

Although that was kinda silly. But I see your point. shoudl try that sometime.

I’d love to make a Half-Orc wizard.

Wait, what should you try, exactly?

Getting a character a ring of Fire Resistance and going flaming alpha on them.

Oh, right. Yeah, I think this is one of my best non-prank ideas I’ve had yet.

Heh I have all sorts of ideas. But no games to use them in.

I still want a Half-Orc Wizard though. smirks It would be fun.

My ideas usually revolve around unorthodox uses for magic rings and similar. Like as of right now, I’m currently looking into using some Steel Gauntlets imbued with Thunder powers to get an electrically-charged sword thrust or punch.

This is too much!:hahaha;
Just where are those sessions anyway? Online or offline?
Those ideas you get… I hope you’re keeping a log for posterity… :hahaha;

They’re all offline, and thank all the Gods there may be for that, I’d hate to contaminate the net with that kind of insanity and stupidity.

And why bother keeping a log? All the most memorable things I remember for all eternity.