Crazy Crossover Contest!

Alright folks… if you’ve seen my thread on the My Little Pony/Lord of the Rings crossover, you might have noticed, toward the end, a little debate on strange crossovers and if a good writer can make them work.

Thus, this little experiment.

Now, I have asked the people at Godawful Fanfiction to come up with various unlikely crossovers: what they would be SURE would end up bad. Cynical lot they are. I however, like to think that you all are a cut above the rest, and thus can do this.

Your job is to take one of these crossovers, and MAKE IT WORK.

My top seven are…

  • Shining Force/Spongebob Squarepants (For the sake of art. I HATE Spongebob Squarepants)
  • Legend of Zelda (Pick one)/Star Trek (Might not be as hard as it looks)
  • Castlevania (Pick an RPG-ish one, check the shrine lists for your choices)/Quantum Leap (Might not be as hard as it looks either)
  • Harvest Moon/Dune
  • Morrowind/Dragonball Z
  • Icewind Dale/Lilo & Stitch
  • Chrono Trigger/Cheers

If you want the full list of crossover ideas, I can post them, but for simplicity, I stuck with a few of the two-subject crossovers.

Alright, now the rules.

  1. True Crossovers please. That means all subjects should be involved in the fic. No quick cameos.

  2. No “random humor” fics either. Most of the time I see them, I wonder how many IQ points I lost. Those are NOT funny.

  3. They can be of any genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance, whatever.

  4. No lemons. I shouldn’t have to remind you of that.

  5. They must be coherent, with a fully functional plot. Mind you, considering the nature of this “contest”, sticking to canon might not be entirely possible, but would be appreciated.

  6. Keep it maybe medium length: two to twenty pages. Nothing too short, nothing too long. Exceptions can be made, but please keep it short enough to keep interest, and long enough to actually eb a story.

  7. Use proper spelling and grammar.

  8. Finally, have fun! What you do with it is up to you. There are no real “prizes”, just something to do to have a little fun.

So let’s see what you come up with! Send anything you come up with to

Icewind Dale/Lilo & Stitch: Dropped his jaw and died of resulting laughter

Yeah? Well, I trust that I can make almost ANY crossover work. Only TWO things keep me from joining in, SS:

  1. I haven’t finished my PC work (OR the FF Compendium update). MAYBE after this week, but no promises.

  2. I don’t feel I’m familiar enough with all the ones you mentioned. I LOVE Quantum Leap, for example, but don’t know enough about Castlevania. So, how about letting us know about the rest of the suggestions? Maybe I’ll see one I CAN work with. Might be worth a laugh, at least.

I could make almost anything work so long as I know something about it, which I don’t so I’m gonna sit this one out until some new ideas come around. ^^;;

I might just do one of the following. I might have to get X’s help on harvest dune though. he is the resident dune expert.

  • Legend of Zelda/Star Trek
  • Castlevania/Quantum Leap
  • Harvest Dune


I don’t know what’s scarier - the fact that such crossovers will soon exist, or the fact that five minutes after reading that list, I had an idea for every single one. I feel like banging my head against sharp metal objects now…

Three things:

  1. Is script format all right?
  2. Can we add other crossovers (like my plan for a HM/Dune 2000/Starcraft combo)?
  3. Could you post the whole list, please?

… /me runs away for Spazzy might be interested in my “Create Catgirls”- special ability… OH NO YOU WON’T CAPTURE ME IN THAT B…

Given my love for BOTH RPGC and Pokemon, you can bet I’ll do something like that someday…

If you all read Chapter 10 in my Fanfic it’s like a Russo-Japanese+World War II/Final Fantasy Crossover.

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Not if I beat you too it :stuck_out_tongue:

Except that I’m too lazy to do something like that :boring:
But I would love to see something like that though… I would probably be able to become a gym leader, simply because there aren’t enough people really interested in pokemon to fill out all the spots :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, guys! look what I found!

Check out the Star Trek vs. Star Wars part, in particular. I think it’s the best (and most logical) comparison between their technologies I’ve ever seen.

girly scream ARGH POKEMON!!! Anyway, I PROBABLY could make a crossover work, it’s just that I’ve never played barely ANY of those games. I think I could probably do a SpongeBob SquarePants/Zelda - Oracle of Ages & Seasons crossover though, whaddayareckon? Oh yeah, I am also currently in the middle of a Simpsons/FF8 crossover. Does this qualify as really really stupid? I have the character list if anyone wants it… ::dekar!:: :mwahaha: ::dekar!:: But I know heaps about Pokemon, can’t understand WHY I used to like it… :eek: :noway: :eek: Clefabe and Articuno are the only decent Pokemon. sigh

Whenever I see this thread title I always think of crazy crossdressing contest. Anyway… (Sorry)

Right, you know when i think of, when I hear the words “Severely F*cked Up crossover ideas”? My Little Ponies… and Drew Carey.

Don’t scoff, I’ve been offered money to write that atrocity.

So… What happened to this contest anyway?

It seems sort of dead…

Well, maybe people are concentrating on putting togethera finished product rather than regular updates. I dunno.

This project also probably isn’t various authors’ number one writing priority.

'Sides, its not like we ever had a formal deadline. Did we?

I’ll have to try this, though it’s too bad that I only know enough of the pairings to do shing force/spongebob or the rpgc/pokemon one. wheels turning with moogle dancing on them

I call Charazard!

I’ll be looking forward to the results guys!