Crap Vodka + Brita Filter = Better Vodka! A miracle of Science!

This is awesome enough that I’m going to steal and cross-post it here and not feel bad about it. Thanks to PopeCrunch and sonicsuby, should you ever read this, for bringing this to the attention of the world!

Practical Applications of the Philosopher’s stone. For drunks.

This has been double (and triple and quadruple and-) checked by the SA goons and it works. Filtering shitty vodka through normal/good water filters makes better vodka!

I know what I’m doing this weekend.

And in case that doesn’t convince you of the awesomness of SCIENCE, here’s an amusing picture of a bear falling out of a tree.


HA! Your a goon as well?

Since I am a goon, and have seen this, i’ll have to say that this is old newz

BM1, others are not as fortunate as us. Anyway ‘old news’ there is like, 8 hours ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus, did you not see Falling Bear? -_- HE’S FALLING FROM TREE! UPSIDE DOWN!

Nice trick with the vodka, although it’d be better if I drank.

On a side note, the bear is awesome.

Sweet! I gotta try this, my friend has one of those filters.

Cool, certainly better than the time me and a few mates tried to make home-made champagne using a bottle of white wine and a soda stream, at any rate. :slight_smile:

Man, if it weren’t for my aversion to alcohol in general, I’d SOOO try that, sicne I have all the components needed right here in thgis house! And that bear is the greatest thing I’ve seen in hours.

But it’ll still be vodka.

I knew a guy who was at a millitary acadamy for a couple of years. They had a way of making homade alcohol that kinda reminds me of this filtration process.

First they would get a bottle of scope or some other kind of mouthwash and then put some cheap sliced bread out untill its stale.

Then they would put one slice of bread over a glass, and pour the mouthwash through the bread and into the glass. They would keep doing this with a new slice of bread each time, untill most of the dye had left the mouthwash. They would then add the clear mouthwash to orange juice, drink, enjoy, and eventualy go blind.

Just buy Stoly. Greatest vodka in the world. I wonder how smooth that would be if you filtered it :o

Probobly not very, since there wouldn’t be as much to filter out of it.

And the point of doing this was making cheap booze good, so you don’t have to buy expensive stuff often to enjoy quality.

Science isn’t logical. XD

This was so much fun to read!

Nul makes an incredibly valid point :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhm… actually, I believe American vodkas are made the same. It’s jsut advertising that gives it the “taste”.

Potato liquor. Never had any real affection towards it.

Nul: Well, you could always filter cheap/bad whiskey and see if it gets better… >_>;

It’ll be better Vodka.

Either way it’ll serve to kill more of your cells :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a risk I’m willing to take.

celluar necrosis is not something I take too lightly :stuck_out_tongue: