Crap Vodka + Brita Filter = Better Vodka! A miracle of Science!

Especially in tissues that don’t regenerate.

They had this on Unscrewed a few months ago.

I should Try that. Even though I like crap vodka.

If that’s ever stopped anyone, then we wouldn’t ahve as many drunk drivers.

Pierson, that was hilarious, even if it’s old.

But I just came across something that is not so funny happening in a place of Vodka’s origin:

According to the most recent data compiled by the State Statistics Committee, the average life expectancy for Russian men is less than 59 years - 58 years and 11 months …
By comparison, the average life span for men in the United States is 73 years. Male life expectancy in France and Germany is 74 years

Demographic and health-care experts say that the chief factors behind the poor figures are alcohol abuse, psychological stress caused by economic uncertainty, widespread smoking, poor personal-safety practices, an unhealthy diet and a general lack of exercise.

Now, on a lighter note, that bear was probably Russian. Which explains the fall incident.
And this is Mishka before he got hooked on Vodka. Mishka was a part of a famous trio at Moscow circus. His brothers Ivan and Boris are still performing.

But still vodka.

We appear to have found the Catch-22 of Vodka.