Cosplay Dorks

Hey, I did the same thing, with the same results…

(I’m forth from the top in the link i posted)

Heeeey >:O And yeah, that video is fucking hilarious. I have nothing against cosplayers, I just find them hilarious. Same with that one “live role playing” thingy.

=( i cosplay, i hope i don’t look as stupid as those guys.

Though i know i don’t. Come on man, i’m devillion, im AWESOME. I’m SUPER SEXY in ANY COSTUME. HELLZ YEA!


Of course you are Devillion ^^

I’d cosplay, but the lack of any place to go and lack of supplies may keep me from ever doing so.

The only cosplay thing I’d ever do was one of my friends that convinced me to do it. We’d each cosplay each of the DDR arrows.

That was the funniest stuuf I have seen in a long time :stuck_out_tongue:

They guys facial expressions were GREAT

I say…doesn’t this qualify for indecent exposure? :hyperven:

A red x is indecent?

I’d do it.

I been Ken Ichijouji. Next time I wanna be the Kaiser. Now it’s gonna be hard to get stuff that looks like runes

They’re talented? Please, dressing up like a dork to act like a dork doesn’t take talent, it takes conviction.

It’s not dorky to like anime

Actually, I think it is - and furthermore, we aren’t talking about liking anime, we’re talking about dressing up as characters to go to a convention. A Convention

I’m with the accepting-of-the-practice party. I’d never do it personally, as I hate dressing up like that, but so long as we don’t have the 500-pound fattasses dressing up as sailor moon, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Of course, this video was hilarious on the subject of bad cosplay (though I thought a couple were good)

“I use my tentacles to do… tentacly things”

Its something to do on a weekend. We can’t all be as cool as you I guess and attend make-out parties all the time.

Want me to make a new topic? :get it?:

I’m just laughing that this thread made it this far.

Anyone that knows nothing about anime should go to hell. Anime is not dorky. The only dorky ones are those poorly made ones :scream:

Cosplay users rock ass; they know what’s good :enguard:

Do you need a hug? I never said cosplay was bad, just that its dumb that we’re arguing over this.

I don’t know anything about anime, so I should go to hell? I don’t really want to know anything about anime. I outgrew cartoons some years ago.

And don’t tell me they aren’t cartoons because they are - cartoons are animated tv shows. Anime is an animated tv show. They’re all cartoons. There’s no live action anime - so all that’s left for it to be is a cartoon.

I never said it was dorky to like anime, I pointed out that people who dress up and go to large gatherings of people who fawn over cartoons is dorky. Just like people who dress up and stand in line at the movie theaters are dorky.