Cosplay Dorks

This is painful to watch, but mainly because i’ve cosplayed before


The Sephiroth part was funny.
“…A raving band of fangirls…”
“Where are they?”

Holy shit! That’s hilarious. The guy’s expression is great. Its like “how can you people do this???”

Some of them=Good
Few of them= OK
Most of them=EEEEEEEEEEK! Nerdy weird people!

I miss my friend Arrrrgh’s

Ah, that was a good laugh.

LOL! Sword chucks yo! AND DOMO-KUN! “Everytime you masturbate, god kills a kitten.” Fucking CLASSIC.

Face it, you people spend your time posting and hanging out at an RPG website (and in an anime forum WITHIN an RPG site for that matter). You’re all nerds. So am I. So is everybody here. The only difference between y’all and the people in that video is that they have the initiative to go out and meet other nerds, rather than laughing at them from behind a computer screen. But the thing is, the same type of people in that video are the type of people that hang out here.

Therefore, shouldn’t you be laughing at jocks or something?

Guess that makes me cool for going as a suikoden group with my friends
(I’m in green)

Psh, I laugh because it’s AWESOME. I’d totally do this kind of stuff if I had the materials and a place to go. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey whoa now, we’ve got that initiative too.

They dress in wacky costumes, LARP as their favorite characters, and some of them clearly do not have the body-build for it. I am justified in laughing at them because at least I don’t fucking wear a skirt in public when I know I wouldn’t pass as a sexy girl.

Igatona, therefore, you pick a person with clothes to cover yourself up. (Like I did as Doc Tomoe. BEsides, he’s not so damn evil I’d like him to be but I mostly dig his demeanour…)

I tried, but a Google image search for ‘Jocks’ convinced me otherwise. You know what jock rhymes with. X(

I would cosplay, that would be cool…but I don’t have the materials or the money to buy them and as far as I know…there isn’t any cosplay conventions happening here.

Their not dorks, their talented

:mwahaha: I love that, I’d definately do some cosplay even though i would look more ridiculous or the same as those people. I love the freaks, dorks, and nerds alike.

Poor poor Pierson, heres some bleach for your eyes.

BlueMageOne: …Are you the one with the green scarf, the green jacket, the green and white dress, or the green pants with red shirt?

I didn’t know that was sephiroth…funny they panned around to see all the fangirls.

Second Epic’s comments =D

Oh sweet god… that made my evening… I love the guys expression the whole time… ^^

But I degress… I dressed up as Raphael Sorel from soul calibur II… >_>