Constructive Criticisim

Ok, whether or not people read this or not, I’m saying it anyway.

Constructive Criticisim is 99% of what this forum is. It is a public forum - posting your work in such a place opens the doors for people to talk about your work. Some people are going to like what you make, others will not. Everyone will state what they feel about your work, and whether or not you like it or not, you should respect other people’s opinions about what they think of what you’ve made.

Further more, if someone offers you advice on how to make what you’ve made better, you should not only be glad that we care enough to take the time to peck out help for you, but be glad that almost all of us are putting it in a tone that isn’t shoving it down your throat. Let me add that disgruntled artists spitting our advice back at us will agitate us, ignoring our advice and you continuing to post work that seems to do exactly the opposite of what we’ve reccomended just means that you don’t care what we think, and hence meaning we completly wasted our time in trying to help you.

This does not please us.

If you don’t want advice or commentary either a) don’t ask for it or b) don’t post at all, because I 100% guarantee you that you’ll get it, whether you ask for it or not.

Lastly, those of us who are giving the advice, put the constructive in the constructive criticisim. That means put some thought in what you’re saying, don’t be a prick, just say something easy to understand and meaningful to whomever it may concern.

There, Im finished ranting. This was brought on by a number of recent people getting pissed off at us because we dont like what they’ve posted.

Sorc, I couldn’t agree more with that. When people WRITE stories, half of what’s involved is having others critique it and give you constructive suggestions to IMPROVE on it. NOT to bash you. Moreover, it’s rather foolish when people (RPGDude, for instance) use the same style of writing, despite suggestions often said more than once. What it usually does is cause people to not bother reading, since they know you’re not going to listen or improve.

RPGDude and Chris of the Brood are perfect examples of this: Neither seemed to listen to us and then bitched at us when we tried to help them. They got frustrated and left after we got frustrated and stopped caring.

The more people on this board the better - more stories and such to read, however you have to come in here with an open mind to learn. Some of us here are very expierenced writers, some of us have been doing this for a long time, have taken courses on it and know what we’re talking about.

Well said. If you’re referring to what I think you’re referring to, then I have to say that I apologize for how I reacted to the critiques. It’s not that I couldn’t take the criticism–I saw most of the flaws people spoke of–it’s just that I was so excited to have finished my project, that I hadn’t really thought of what people would think of it. I was still in, “Lookie what I did!” phase. I appreciated all the comments given.

Nonetheless, it’s slightly frustrating to put all your efforts into one piece, and then having the only reactions being, “This is wrong,” or “That doesn’t look right.” Even a simple, “Not bad,” somewhere in there is appreciated just as much as a critique. But, maybe I’m just a wuss, I don’t know. :slight_smile:

Either way, well said Sorcerer.

I hate stupid people, but I hagte stupid people who don’t want to learn more. If you want to show others a story or a pic or whatever that you created, then go ahead. But don’t expect us to just fawn over it and talk about how it’s “really good! :D” all the time, we will also bitch. And it’s when we’re “bitching” that you should really take notice.

I totally agree :wink: Although bitching is not criticism.

“OMG it totally sucks like everything you do lolzz” = bitching

“Well, if you do thisnthat it will look a lot better” =constructive criticism.

Pretty new here as a poster, so I was confused as to what you were talking about. I thought that’s what this board was for. If I post a story, syonpsis, summary, or whatever here, help with how to make it better is what I want.

Like I said I was confused, until I read a certain thread. The person acted in a ridiculous manner, and well…heh. Enough said about that. By the same token, constructive criticism doesn’t have to be all negative. I think it’s important to also point out what the author did well, so they can continue it. A little encouragement at the end never hurts. Just my two cents, for what it’s worth. Take care.

Wise words, Sorc.
This board is here for helping out, being helped, and growing as an artist, but if somebody can’t recognize advise and help there’s nothing we can do for them and it’s their loss.

Well actually Sorc, Chris of the Brood didn’t bitch exactly, he just didn’t listen :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, yea, that’s true, but Chris not taking our advice ticked me off, mainly because he kept asking for it and not listening.

To be honest, all I can remember Chris correcting is Val’s suggestion to add exclamation points and my pointing out that he was writing in different tenses. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this should be sticked…it’s got a lot of reason to it.

By the way, Refugee, ALSO very wise words.

You know, originally I posted my stuff here becuase I wanted to entertain you. Nowadays I come here not only to do that, but tp brush up my skills by asking criticism. Some of you may remember that “1 year of art by me here”-thread. I did that back then because I noticed my stuff got better in some cases thru repeated drawings of the same genre, but some stayed as bad as they were, (For example, my proportions have SERIOUS problems!) so I decided that I’ll ask for C&C from now on…

Seriously, C&C IS criticism, but the creative part shouldn’t be ignored. It hurts when people forget this ;_;

I guess stickying this could be a good idea nods

Great idea, Weiila! Maybe that will make people think twice before starting a flamefest over a piece of art. This is supposed to be a showcase for creative works, not a verbal battleground.

I hope evryone reads this. I’m always open to suggestions or critical compliments. READ EVERONE!!! shouts all over RPGClassics

Respect art, everyone!

I’m quite surprised by everyone’s comments, and Sorc’s original post…I didn’t know there were such hardcore critics in here, and I like it!I’m a member of another forum where everyone leaves the “it’s great I love it!” comments and “Good job”.I often left comments suggesting on how the author could improve and I got bitched at for being rude.Most of the “fanfic” posted were liner dialogue sequences exactly like the ones you guys were complaining about and they were AWFUL yet they got praised.I’m glad people here actually have backbone and offer to help, and what they say makes sense.Kudos.

I think the best way to say it is: if you don’t have something nice to say, explain why or shut up.

The rule “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” really isn’t very realistic.

I never said that was the rule, I just said explain yourself or shut up.