Coke or Pepsi?

Nothing starts a flame war like that. Seriously though, without too much insulting each other, what’s the drink of choice?

(I was just thinking of it, between the <A HREF=“”>food thread</A> there, and <A HREF=“”>Greg Dean’s</A> unnatural hatred of Coca-Cola)

I’m a Cherry Coke kinda guy, with a backup of Barq’s or Coca-Cola Classic

This thread reminded me I have eight Coke cans to clean out tonight.
That also effectively answers the question.


Honestly, both taste ALMOST the same… but I’ll give it to Pepsi 'cuz it gives me less gas. :stuck_out_tongue:

It really depends on my mood. I do drink Pepsi more, but that’s because it’s on sale 99 cents for a two liter bottle in the grocery store I work (until July 4)… I use one per day that I work there, essentially. I will say that the new coke with lime is fucking awesome, though. That and cherry coke/pepsi are my favorites.

RC is my favorate cola (I mean, “Royal Crown” that’s a pretty regal name).

But as far as Coke and Pepsi go, I like Coke better

It’s the same for me, both of them. RC the best, Coke for these two.

But there is a great cola called “Apotekarnes” here in Sweden that’s very good. Dunno if it’s found elsewhere, but I think not.

Last time this debate came up, I said Pepsi. But working at Fuddruckers has converted me to a Coke guy.

RC is still the shit, though.

You know, I’ve thought this fifty million times, but I want to bring it up now. Working at a place called “Fuddruckers,” I bet that you get fifty zillion trillion people saying “Uh, what’s that? Buttfuckers? Duh huh… you’re a buttfucker- I r teh smart!”

I heard a urban myth that it used to be called Fuddbuckers but they made them change it.

“They” being “The man”

That sounds entirely like an urban myth to me. I’m not limiting this to just coke or pepsi, I just figured that’d get attention. Note that, of my answer, 2/3 of it was not coke or pepsi.

And, since I’m thinking of it, I personally prefer my soft drinks in a glass bottle. If that’s not available, then in a can. Cherry coke tastes good from a tap, so does Barqs, but I’m not a huge fan of too many other tap drinks. I’ll drink Coke if I have to, and Dr. Pepper if that’s not available. Dr. Pepper is really the last option, though.


I hate Pepsi since they insult Coke in their commercials at EVERY opportunity, and it gets really annoying.

Ooh look at me I’m the underdog! Drink our products! Maybe I would if the entire company didn’t come off as a collective bunch of <i>assholes</i>

I am most definitely a pepsi man, it just tastes so much better than coke it’s unreal. However, red fanta> everything, ever. :smiley:


I drink both with POWER.


Pepsi. It has lighter kick. I have no idea how describe it other than “kick”, so there.

I prefer Pepsi, because it’s sweeter and less foamy.

But I prefer other kinds of soda over cola. Like Sprite. Or some orange-flavored thing.

Coke all the way. Pepsi has this kind of lilting taste, you sip some and think “nice.” You sip a bit of coke and it grabs you by the tongue and says “DRINK THE REST OF ME OR I’LL RIP IT OUT.”

Coke light, hands down.