Chrono Trigger MOVIE

No, they’re not making one, but since I thought I just heard Enhasa coming out of my TV before I realized I had my fucking headphones on, this idea occured to me:

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a live action CT movie? Not some lame movie that caters strictly to the game like TSW tried to do, but a hip action movie in which we get to see tanks sliced in half by red-haired pseudo-samurai in LIVE ACTION?

Yeah, it’d fucking own.



I agree with Hades. DOWN WITH THE ENGLISH.

We’d need a really hot actor to pull off Crono’s funky 'do.

I could do it. I’m Chrono.

Eva, you can be Marle. Epic can be Schala.

I’m Magus and none of you fuckers can dispute it.

No I wanna be Queen Zeal so my shoulders and bosom can heave when I laugh like a maniac :frowning:

But I guess I can settle being a princess instead.

“Settle?” Dude, you get to have sex with me in the epoch! Oh wait no, that was just a bad lemon I read.

Better than the one I read where Lucca humps her bed post.

Marle’s pendant has many uses, one of which seems to be transforming into Schala and having sex with Marle. That doujin was strange but hot.

No, the best was Magus and Lucca with the slow, angst-y love making. The poster children for misrepresented, since Crono and Marle get all of the attention.

Why can’t we have a conversation without it turning into something related to sex? I think our unconsciousnesses are trying to tell us something.

That I want to make love with Magus? Perhaps.

It’s cuz we’re teenagers :frowning:

What? My name isn’t Magus.

I am truly horrified by the fact that I know exactly every porn-related object you two are talking about.

Yeah, too bad got rid of their NC-17 stuff. They were the shiznit.

The worst part is that the “bedpost” fic could be considered a masterpiece compared to some of the stuff I’ve seen lately. And no, Hades’ example was far worse.

I wish I could remember the other stuff I read. I use to pick at that stuff for hours.
Haha omg did you read the one about Norris fucking Lena, in the prison under Viper Manor? And then she got pregnant and they made it all romantic, as if they were in love. Hard to do so when you read “Norris shoved himself inside of her pussy” omg lol lol lolzzzzz. WHo comes up with that stuff.

Nope, sadly I played Cross one year after cleaned out the NC-17s. I did read something like it though, only instead of Leena it was Riddel and instead of Norris it was just about every other Porre soldier on the place. Actually, I have only seen ONE kinda good Chrono Cross adult fic.