chrono cross.

help i cant kill that smiling sun thing. my party is serge,skelly,and glen:moogle:

You might want to take Skelly out because yeah. His innate is black and the Sun guy is white. The only black innate you might be able to afford to take in is Guile, for his techs, because they do good damage.

Make sure someone has Revive equipped and you should have White Out by now, since that boss will kissy face Serge or someone else, and more than likely they’ll be comatose for a few rounds.

If you visited Marbule before this (can’t remember which world) hopefully you’ve boughten some White Element traps, cuz this guy may use Ultra Nova, I believe it is.

Anyways, pummel him with any element colour you have, even white. It may take awhile since hardly anything other than black does decent damage.

He actually doesn’t have a lot of HP, so while it seems like it’s taking forever, it doesn’t take anywhere near as long as you might think.

serge has revive but he is always the first to go. and skelly is one of my best charaters also i dident get guile. i got piere. :moogle:

Doesn’t matter if hes one of your best characters, in CC, you’ll have to improvise. if he’s black innate, he should be removed unless you feel his techs are needed.

And if Serge is the first to go, place Revive on someone else.

who should i replace him with then. i like big mama but i havent used her in a while so im not sure if she is strong enough. :moogle:

Stats don’t matter all that much in CC… everyone levels up pretty much the same. One or two points won’t make a huge difference. The major things are the innate element, techniques, weapons, and element grids.


tecnic: only has first one cant remeber what its called.

weapon:first upgrade.

element grid: no where near full.


My PT in Chrono Cross at that point is usually Serge, Poshul and Glenn. Just cuz Glenn pwns and Poshul can do some decent damage. X-Strike is also nice.

I always liked Serge, Kid, and Glenn. Glenn because he’s jsut kickass, and Kid because she can steal, and is also fairly decent in her stats. Of course, should I not have Glenn at the time (I STILL feel bad whenever I leave the Hydra to die and the Dwarves to die out, too), I think I go with Pip, just because he’s so damn cute. And good with magic.

Originally posted by cait sith

tecnic: only has first one cant remeber what its called.

weapon:first upgrade.

element grid: no where near full.

:moogle: [/b]

Well maybe you want to use someone with a second tech. Also, choose two characters who have high magic power and defence.

And if your element grid is no where near full then um…go buy some elements and fill it up…

and while i was gone i finaly killed sunny…or what ever his name is. any way i killed him but now i have a new problem. ive gotten to where you just got out of the dead sea and i dont know what to do. :moogle:

Try going to Opassa Beach.


i did but when i got to the other diminsion there was nothing to do.
was i suppose to do something else on the boat in the other diminsion.

also while i was exploring last night i found this place called the bend of time.
while i was there i noticed it look very familar to another place in chrono trigger.
anyway while i was there i found this door in the back and i couldent open it. the fish thing said it would be opened when the time comes. when is that? :moogle:

hmph the bend of time… i hate that place along with the guys in the back who wouldn’t let me kill them. but i taught them a lesson on how powerful an opposing inate summon is :mwahaha: hahahahaha… well any way i think you can only get there in new game + but i’m not sure cause i’m on my like 4 new game lol. :yipee:

Go visit the shrine. It’s too good to be wasted.

dang i feel like geting my new game + up to 10 but my stupis ps + ps2 are busted :fungah: … does anyone know if you unlock any secrets or anything after like 3-4 new game +'s???

The only thing you can get with several New Game+s are all the characters (you need to beat the final boss four times to get it, but you don’t have to do so at the end of the game each time).

how fo you get fargo to drive the ship to marbule? :moogle:

hmmm. i think there an event or somthin at marbule that has somthing to do with a mermaid, but im not sure you might look at the chrono cross shrine.