chrono cross.

i tried the shrine. but all the titals have cliche jokes for titles so i cant tell whats what. :moogle:

yeah, God Forbid you click on some of the links to try and locate the section on your own, because that would be gasp WORK!

actualy i did try some of the links but they always leed to something that im not looking for. :moogle:

Are you nuts? The titles in the Chrono Cross walkthrough do contain Cid’s attempt at humor, but they also very clearly state the area in the game it takes place at. Just be thankful there even ARE anchor links.

This is reading a walkthrough for a video game, not brain surgery.

The titles are all made of two parts. There’s stuff before a colon (the place name), followed by a humorous subtitle. You should be looking at the first part of the title.